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How does a bee move?

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a bee moves by flapping its dead wing fast to fly which acts like a helicopter!

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When a bee buzz which part of its body vibrates?

the wings vibrate "bee"cause they move

When did the bee gees move to Brisbane?


How does the bumble bee move around?

To get fit

What body part helps a bee move?

its wngs.

How does a honey bee move from place to place?

By flying

Can a bee move their nest?

No, bees will relocate and rebuild their nests.

What type of habitat does a bee need?

a bee needs a home, a hive, the hive needs to be where it wont get ruined and the bees have to move to another

Can a navy see-bee do a lat move into the airforce?


Who said move like a butterfly and sting like a bee?

Muihamd Ali

What is the number one job of the queen bee?

To lay eggs and move the hive if neccassary.

When is a bee not a bee?

A bee is always a bee. Since birth a bee was a bee.

What does the bee eat when it goes into a flower?

Actually, the bee doesn't eat all that much at a flower. Yes, it eats the nectur, but it also move pollen to and from flowers, and that helps them grow.

What to do when a bee is near you?

A bee will only sting if it feels threatened. So, if a bee comes near you, don't try to swat it away with your hands -- that's threatening!Just keep still or move slowly. It will quickly lose interest in you and fly away.

What do you do if a bee comes near you?

If it is a Honey Bee, simply move away, and do not harm the bee. Do not kill Honey Bees. They provide pollination for our crops and without them the population of the world would starve to death. Honey Bees are not aggressive when away from the hive and unless you step on the bee or otherwise harm it, there is no danger of it stinging you. Hornets and wasps on the other hand are unpredictable and can become aggressive at any time. Move away from any wasp or hornet. If it becomes aggressive then kill it or flee. Move 150 yards away as it will not follow that far. grab a lighter and hair spray and chase the bee down and kill its whole family

What does a Killer Bee have to help it move?

wings and a points back to hurt people doing bad stuff to it

Which adjective can be used for bee?

Some adjectives to describe the noun bee are:busy beestinging beeannoying beepollinating beeyellow beelive beelone beeNote: the terms 'honey bee' and 'bumble bee' are compound nouns.

Which bee is the fattest bee?

The no no bee

What is the difference between a bee and a bee?

the difference between a bee and a bee is "and"

The types of apiculture?

rock bee little bee indianhive bee european bee dammer bee

What is bee bee aim?

A bee bee aim is when you have a bee bee gun and you [[aim]]. aim is when you try to look at something and trying to hit it.

What vibrates in a bee flying?

The buzzing or vibrating sound you hear when a bee is flying near you is due to their wings flapping so fast. Since they move at a very high speed, it makes the buzzing noise.

In Akeelah and the Bee what is the Bee?

A Spelling Bee

Show picture of where the bee bee's are loaded into a Marksman bee bee gun?

Which model Bee Bee gun?

What are 4 good bee puns?

Some fun bee puns are: O-bee Wan Kenobee Beauty is in the eye of the Bee-holder Bee-ware the ides of March To bee or not to bee

Knock knock who there bee bee who?

Knock knock, who's there, bee, bee who?, bee happy it's just me knocking!