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draw for shotguns

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Q: How does a box-lock shotgun work?
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What is an 1870 12 GA dbl barrel Westley Richards shotgun worth?

1876 westly Richards boxlock what is it worth?

What is the age of a Lefever Arms Co 12 gauge shotgun that has Ithaca NY marked on it?

Depends on if it is sidelock or boxlock. Generally, 1916-1948.

What is the value of a ithaca 1904 lewis boxlock double barrel grade 5 engraved 12 gauge shotgun stamped?

Your shotgun will range in price from 1,325 dollars-3,000 dollars for a shotgun with between 10%-50% of its original finish remaining,good wood,and a good set of bores.

What is a boxlock?

Type of firearm action

What is a sidelock shotgun and how does it differ from a boxlock shotgun?

A sidelock shotgun is exactly as it sounds. The locks are on the side of the stock instead of inside the action. A box lock has the hammer, sears, springs etc inside the action itself, side locks are primarily separate. They are attached to the action on the back and sides of it in the wood and the hammer, sears springs etc are contained therein. They can be detached without removing the action from the stock.

Do the airsoft shotgun shells work with any airsoft shotgun?

yes it does

What is boxlock and sidelock you hear about on double rifles?

They refer to the type of action.

What is a baker C side by side boxlock damascus shotgun worth?

Before a value can be assessed,we must start with a more detailed description of your shotgun then you have provided.Please include the barrel length,any engraving present and where on the shotgun.Also include all inscriptions on the barrels,receiver,and boxlock action.Describe the overall condition of your shotgun including the finish remaining on the barrels and wood.The Baker shotguns were considered a American best grade shotgun.The Baker gun and Forging Company started out in 1877 thru 1888 as a venture with L.C. Smith.they made hammerless and hammer guns all the way up till 1930.these fine made guns can bring a high price if all correct and in good shape.You may want to consider having your shotgun appraised if in good condition.

What is the value of a Nitro Special 12 gauge?

John - The Nitro Special name was used by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. You didn't tell us what kind of a shotgun it is, but I suspect it is a break-open breech single shot or double barrel. It may have side-hammers, or a boxlock with rear hammers or a hammerless boxlock and the barrel(s) may be either laminated or fluid steel. All those things and the condition of the gun will affect the value. It MIGHT be worth $250 if it is a good to very good boxlock with fluid steel barrels or less than $10 for any variation in broken/worn out/rusted condition.

What is the age of an American Gun Co shotgun?

94 years old, +/- 20. If twist steel barrels and side hammers, more likely (but not absolutely) prior to WWI. If fluid steel and a boxlock (back hammers or hammerless) ALMOST certainly after c. 1905.

What is the value of a Mario Beschi 12ga over and under shotgun?

BOXLOCK MODEL- 12 or 20 ga., standard model with light engraving.Grading100%98%95%90%80%70%60%$3,000$2,600$2,300$1,950$1,600$1,300$995

How does the safety work on mossberg shotgun?

No one Mossberg shotgun. Tell us what you have, we may be able to answer.

Does fmj work on the shotgun attachment for an assault rifle on mw2?

Well i don't think so as i think fmj will only work on the assualt rifle not the shotgun

What can you tell about a Lefever double barrel shot gun serial number 0858687 and then next line 1872?

Will need to know exactly how the shotgun is marked, sidelock or boxlock, what gauge, etc. Lefever went through several changes, ending up as part of Ithaca.

What is the value of an older beretta silver hawk 12 gauge shotgun in good condition?

A 12 gauge boxlock, double barrel shotgun with 30" barrels, double triggers, and extractors. Blued with a silve finished receiver and a checkered walnut stock. Discontinued in 1967. Exc VG Good Fair Poor 500 450 375 250 150 serial number c26613 excellent condition

How do shotgun adjustable chokes work?

By opening up or constricting.

Will a magazine extension for a Winchester 1200 shotgun work with a Winchester 1300 shotgun?

yes, it should work. if you go to, they sell it as fitting either shotgun. dont try to fit a 1100 extension on though, i just got one and it doesnt fit the 1300...

How many kills do you need for a shotgun spree in Halo Reach?

5 kills with the shotgun. The shoot and hit combo is supposed to work, too.

What is the age and value of a Davidson Firearms 20 gauge double barrel shotgun with 28 inch barrels has engraving on receiver and made in Spain?

Davidson Firearms of Greensboro NC imported shotguns in about the mid 1960s. ABOUT $150-$200, depending on exact model and condition. Nice boxlock guns from Eibar Spain.

Would the browning a-5 parts work on the autowing shotgun?


How does a shotgun burst round work?

It throws out a wall of eather lead or steel pelts in a vairing aray of gropings depending on the choke in ur shotgun

How does the trigger work on a cannon breach shotgun work?

The trigger on a cannon breach shotgun works by releasing the hammer when the shooter is ready to fire. This strikes a firing pin when in turn ignites the gun power in the shell casing.

Who made a 16 GA sxs ranger precision grade 104.3 with Sn 158172 with the barrels stamped made in belgium?

This Double barrel / sxs hammerless boxlock shotgun was made by Hunter Arms in Fulton, New York in the 20's and 30's. It was a cheap costing shotgun made to the same standards as L.C. Smith shotguns. Not much is written on the Ranger , but they were made in 12, 16, 20 and 410 ga. Hope this helps Rick

What is the age of a Stevens Arms Model 225 Hammer Boxlock serial number 16821?

The best information I have suggests 1920-1932.

What is the value of an F Williams 12 gauge boxlock shotgun?

I'll go out on a limb and guess that this is Fredrick Williams, an English gun maker from 1873 to 1929. Wouldn't know if he was a top-tier maker of custom guns worth thousands or a jobber cranking out utility pieces, but probably somewhere between and the value will depend on the gleam it creates the buyer's eye.