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Depends on the car dealership in itself and where the lady signed the contract from

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Q: How does a buy here pay her car dealership finance their cars?
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How does a buy here pay here car dealership finance their cars to the public?

They pretty much let you buy the car on credit through them.

Where do you buy cars?

in a car dealership...

Where can one buy a used Isuzu Rodeo?

At a dealership which sells used cars.

Do you know where they sell affordable used cars around here?

I'm not too sure where to buy affordable cars within the area, but there's a Keyes dealership down the street, and they seem to be somewhat affordable.

What is buy here pay here financing?

The place where you buy the product has its own financing. They will finance the product for you.

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When you have enough cash, go to the dealership (located in the menu that you look at your cars) and pick one you can afford and click buy it

What type of business is Buy Here Pay Here?

The term "Buy Here Pay Here" pertains to a particular method of running a car dealership. With this method the dealership provides the credit for the purchaser. The "Buy Here Pay Here" is geared for those with poor credit history and usually requires a high interest rate for payments.

Small down payment get cars for cheap?

There are many ways to get a car cheap, such as, buying from a third party seller, to even having the dealership that you buy from finance your vehicle. but you can also lease a vehicle, where its simply like you rent a vehicle for a certain amount of time, most often a year. You can also buy used cars.

Can you buy used Saturn cars online?

YOu can go to a dealership to buy used Saturn cars, but you can also go online to different places to also buy used Saturn cars. An easy way to go is on the main Saturn webpage.

What are the most popular trading posts for used cars?

The most popular trading post for new cars is at a car dealership. This is where most people decide to sell or buy used cars. Online car sales usually draw from a dealership lot.

How do you get a dealership license to buy cars at auction?

Go to your local DMV and ask them how to apply for a dealers license.

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