How does a cloud hold water?

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i think that clouds hold their water by saturation. so when the water gets more heavy then the cloud the water turns into droplets(rain). i know that this is not the best answer but at least i tried.

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Q: How does a cloud hold water?
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How long can a cloud hold water?

it depends how much water there is in it and how sunny it is. If it is sunny the sea water will evaporate and form a cloud.

How are a cloud and a spoon alike?

they can both hold water..............

How many raindrops does your average storm cloud hold?

Your average storm cloud does not hold any rain drops. It contains water vapor. Once the vapor forms a rain drop, the cloud can no longer hold it and it falls out of the cloud.

What do you call it when a cloud holds all the water they can hold?

it rains .

How much rain can a cloud hold?

1000 gallons of water.

How much water does a cumulonimbus cloud hold?

40 pints

What is considered when a cloud cant hold no more water?

Precipitation or rain

What contains water in what part of the cloud which state of matter?

condencation and precipitation clouds hold the water and they are water

What if the cloud is so big and never bring down the water?

It may become a cumulunimbus cloud and rain as long as it can hold it.

If the cloud is higher can it hold more water vaper?

No, if the cloud is lower it is most likely to contain more water vapor. Hint: look at rain clouds they are usually closer to the surface of the earth.

How does the water cycle cause weather?

the water cycle causes weather because when water evaporates, the amount of water determines how thick the clouds are and how much precipitation the cloud can hold. when the cloud can no longer hold and more precipitation, it poors out causing it to rain. depending on how cold or strong the precipitation is determines whether it rains, sleets, snows, or hails.

What is it called When water cools into a cloud?

when water cools in a cloud? Condensation! :]

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