How does a computer solve problems?

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hmm. that is actualy a hard one.
cause the pros are there. but a lot of cons to.
computers is faster in the calculating proses.
Computers can proses data that we cant do fast.
writing is faster in a computer.
comunication cause of a lot of computers is cinekted ti servers that is computers them self.
faster reaction time we might react in 1 sec the computer 1 milli sec. more or less.
time sparing, automatisation.

we get slow on the things the computers do for us.
we dont need computers realy but we make them nessesary.
todays humans wont survive cause of it if some thing hapens to al of the computers.
A computer can solve problems because it is one of the high-tech machines we use today, and if there are problems, the computer can easily be a good source of help. Like, if your computer is updated, it can give health tips, or money problems can be solved in various ways in a computer.
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What are the steps to solving a problem with your computer?

It depends on what the problem is. Please explain what type ofproblem you are facing if you want more specific and directinformation. Below are the steps for resolving PC problems that areonly annoying or have workarounds and which still allow some use ofthe affected computer and allow you to use th ( Full Answer )

What problem was the computer invented to solve?

The Computer was invented to solve a number of problems really: - Counting: to solve mathematic problems - Navigation and astronomy - Weather prediction Answer The computer was created to perform mathematical computations automatically and was intended to be useful in a number of areas. It wasn't ( Full Answer )

What is a problem solving?

if you cannt solve it you are really in trouble. It is a question involving uncertainty and you need to get it right

What are the problems with computers and how do solve them?

Answer There are billions of problems that can happen with your computer. If something on your computer breaks call the maker of the computer: Dell, HP, Gateway, and so on: or reformat your hard drive. NOTE IF YOU DO THIS YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING AND WILL HAVE TO REINSTALL NOT ONLY WINDOWS BUT TH ( Full Answer )

What is problem solving?

The effort to analyze existing or likely problems, and to design responses that reduce the problem's negative effects. One definition of intelligence is the ability to solve problems.

How do you solve computer problems your computer is running little slow after uninstalling software in add or remove program?

try this create another user name in the control panel users tab make it an administrator then delete your old one when it asks if you want to keep files click yes so that it will copy all your my documents files to the new user name desktop that should speed you up abit. Solution: 1: Create restor ( Full Answer )

How do you solve the problem?

There are various ways to solve a problem. One of the mosteffective ways of solving a problem is by first of all establishingthe root cause of the problem. This will give you varied solutionsto the problem.

Can you build a computer that can solve problems and prove theorems in abstract algebra?

In theory, yes. A brain is a physical object made of water, salts and organic chemicals. It obeys the laws of physics. There's no fundamental difference between a human brain and a machine. It's just a question of whether the circuits are made from silicon chips or neurons. There are software ( Full Answer )

What if your problem is not solved?

If your problem is not solved then you need to try to find a way to solve it, maybe talk to a close friend and see if they will be able to help you with the problem that you are facing.

How do i solve Computer hang problem?

By pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete, the most famous key combination and choosing Log Off from the menu that appears. This only works with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. For Windows XP, pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete will bring up the Task Manager. If that's your case, go to the Shut Down menu in the Task Manager. ( Full Answer )

How do you solve computer hanging problem?

Frequent freezing or navigation failures may be a warning sign thatyour computer is running low on memory or space on the hard drive. There are various computer programs that can help solve yourcomputer hanging problem, or you can take it to a qualifiedcomputer technician. You can try reducing the ( Full Answer )

How can computer help us solve problems?

Computers help us get our work done faster. They help us find information, and they help us speed up the process of writing. They can also help meet new people and new friends. You can play games until you get to a certain age, then you will probally lose interest in them.

Why computer are useful for solving problems?

Computers are useful as you can use it to communicate to each other remotely, like for example if your family is to far away from you you can talk to them and send a message or us msn to communicate and if we don't have computer we cant do our homework that easy or you could just read a book to find ( Full Answer )

How do you solve Problem Solving Strategy math problems?

there are 4 steps to problem solving. first write what the question is asking you.then write what you know. then you make and Carrie out a plan andfinally you represent the answer in a sentence

How computers solve problems in daily life?

Computers are used for a large variety of purposes in daily life.They can be used to check the weather, solve mathematical problems,shop and watch the news, among many other features.

Problem solved by computer?

Computers can solve several problems, such as cracking codes, performing bigand complex calculations and simulate weather.

Why my computer can not access to the internet in windows 7 note that reinstall and ghost will not solve the problem?

The problem is in your network interface, if you give us more detail we will be actually to help you. With that amount of information we have, there is no way we can help you. You need to specify which interface you are using LAN, Wireless LAN. Also what kind of connection you are using (DSL, cable) ( Full Answer )

What are the steps involved in problem solving using computer program?

There are seven main steps to follow when trying to solve aproblem. These steps are as follows: . Define and Identify the Problem . Analyze the Problem . Identifying Possible Solutions . Selecting the Best Solutions . Evaluating Solutions . Develop an Action Plan . Implement the Soluti ( Full Answer )

Discuss about natural approaches to problem solving in computer education?

Relevant answers: . Depends on what the problem is. You will need to be way more specific if you expect an intelligent answer. ( Full Answer )

How do you solve the problem of an overheating computer system?

Check the cooling fans for the computer case or power supply. Alsofor the CPU chip and the graphics chip (if it has a fan). If theyare not working, they should be replaced or taken to a qualifiedservice person to take care of the problem. If there is a filter infront of the fan it should be free of ( Full Answer )

How does computer solve engineering problem?

In general, computers do not solve engineering problems. Engineers solve engineering problems by using computers to perform complex calculations. In particular, engineers construct detailed mathematical models of their designs or proposed solutions to a problem and then use computers to perform anal ( Full Answer )

What problem did Scrooge have and how did he solve the problem?

he had not really celebrated christmas ever to understand itsmeaning , he lost many loved one along his early life and had madethe decision to make money as a way to prove he was successful andneeded no-one - On seeing his past and present with visions of hispotential future he realises he has made ( Full Answer )

How can computer solve a problem in a second?

Computers are programmed with all the answers before they are sold so that when you ask the question, the computer can give you it's programmed answer "in a second".

Why are computer languages used for problem solving?

A programming language is a systematic notation by which we describe computational process. Computational process means steps for solving a problem. Understanding of computer software is imperfect without a basic knowledge of programming language. Programming language allow the programmers a ( Full Answer )

Will registry fix solve your computer virus problem?

Registry fix is a very good source to solving computer virus problems. Registry fix will scan your computer for viruses; however, like with all viruses, the sooner they are found, the easier registry fix can help you.

Can computers solve human problems how can they do it and why?

No, on their own computers can not solve the problems of humanity, only humans can do that. However, computers are powerful tools that can be used to model various aspect of the real world. If human have managed to to get these model correct then computers are now fast enough to calculate what these ( Full Answer )

How do you get problems solved?

Honestly, i dont know your religion but in order to solve problems, you need to ask God how you should solve them. Any question that you have, He will answer for you. Just listen and trust me, it works. I do it all the time!!

Are computers a human problem solving tool?

The answer is not as simple as yes-no. Let me explain. A computeris a plastic-metal box that holds electronic pieces, wiring, ascreen, and keyboard. It's put together in a way that lets humansturn it on and off. But it needs an Operating System to do morethan show a "C" prompt (old DOS systems). Whe ( Full Answer )

Is it true that computer solve more problem accurately?

In most cases, yes. When using a computer, you eliminate the fact that we as humans can forget, make mistakes, and use information incorrectly. Because of that, we have to double check on our answers and it is time consuming. Computers are a little more hard-coded so they don't use the wrong informa ( Full Answer )

What is Problem Solving in computers?

With computers there are always going to be problems that need solving, if something stops working, you have to find out what the possible situation is, test the situation and then record what happens, with more experience it becomes faster because you have done this before and it will save alot of ( Full Answer )

Why is it important to know the syntax of programming language to solve a problem of computer?

This is the same as asking why it is important to know english grammar in order to write an essay. Pseudo code or algorithms are logical representations of instructions, but in order to make the equivalent code of the algorithm "understandable" by a compiler of any language, it must be written in t ( Full Answer )

What are the 3 things you can identify to start solving a problem using a computer program?

Identify the problem. Determine which task your program is intended to fulfil. Always consider existing solutions and any potential patent infringements. . Identify the user. If the program is for your own use only, then you can largely eliminate those aspects that are of little or no concern to ( Full Answer )

What are the six steps that you can use to solve any computer problem?

Six steps to use when troubleshooting a computer problem: 1. Identify the problem 2. Establish a theory of probable cause (and question the obvious) 3. Test the theory to determine the cause 4. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implementthe solution 5. Verify full system function ( Full Answer )

What is problem solving-?

The definition for problem solving is "the process of findingsolutions to difficult or complex issues."

What are the troubleshooting methods for solving computer problems?

Check what symptoms are associated and draw that upon from yourexperience. If not, then just check associated systems that mightbe the cause and slowly rule out any impossibilities. If not, thenjust look online for possible solutions, and don't be afraid to askfor help.