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What you have is a microwave oven that cooks like a conventional convection oven. It uses fans to distribute the heat more effectively than a regular microwave. The cooking times will be far less than a normal convection oven. Myself I like some things cooked slowly and others fast. For fast cooking I'll stick with a regular microwave and for the other stuff a regular convection oven. That's just my opinion other folks may have better ideas.

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Q: How does a convection oven work when it is part of a microwave-convection oven combo?
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Does the convection part of microwave-convection oven combo give off microwaves?


What is the hottest part of the oven?

The top because heat rises (convection)

What does it mean when a microwave oven uses convection microwaves?

A convection microwave uses both microwaves and convection heating to cook the food. The convection cooking allows the food to be browned and cooks the outer part of the food while the microwaves cook the interior of the food.

Is the microwave part of a microwave-convection oven combo as good as a microwave-only unit?

== Why wouldn't the microwave oven part of a combination unit be as "good" as the microwave oven? They're essentially the same. A convection oven has a fan inside that circulates hot air in the oven around inside the cooking space when the "oven" part is in use. This "evens" the heat and promotes cooking efficiency and adds a bit of speed to the processs. But look at the microwave oven. A microwave oven has air blown through the cavity (the cooking space) by a fan when the unit is running. In this light, the ovens may be more similar than they are different. The air blown through the cavity is being forced through the cooling elements of the magnetron, the microwave generating device, and it enters the chamber already preheated. But the convection oven circulates hot air continuously, and this is an advantage. Microwave ovens work by adding energy to the hydrogen-oxygen bonds of water molecules inside food. This translates into an increase of the thermal or heat energy in the water. Because water molecules are the most affected by this method of heat-radiation cooking, it is a good idea to add a little water to your left-overs if they're a little on the dry side before re-warming them in the oven.This is a type of oven that uses a fan to circulate hot air around the object in the oven. This method reduces overall cooking time. The question asked if the microwave part of a microwave-convection oven was as good as a microwave-only unit. Yes, it is. They are the same thing. It's just that the microwave oven in a convection-microwave oven is built into a convection oven. It is unfair (and incorrect) to say that the convection-microwave oven is more efficient than a microwave oven when the performance of the two microwave ovens is compared. Certainly the combination unit has more features than the stand alone unit. It is more flexible; it has extended application and cooking "power" in its ability to prepare food. But the microwave portion of the combination unit is no better or worse than a conventional microwave oven.

What appliances transfer heat by convection?

An oven does some heat transfer by convection. (Conduction and radiation also play a part.) In a conventional oven, hot air will "move around" to a degree inside the oven. There will be some thermal air currents set up, and air movement will carry some thermal energy from the burner or heating element to the item being heated.In a convection oven (and please note the adjective used there), we find that a fan runs to circulate air around the interior of the oven (called the cavity). The fan moves air (as you probably guessed) to more evenly heat that space and speed up the heating (cooking) process.

What part of speech is convection?

"Convection" is a noun of the abstract type.

How does an infrared grill work?

Infrared gills cook like a convection oven. It heats the air surrounding the food to provide even cooking, instead of just cooking the part of food touching the grill plate.

Explain convection and how it plays a part in global weather?

Convection causes the Global weather to change in the tropics. Because of the expansion of the heat during the process of convection, it causes a convection current.

This is not part of the sun's atmosphere?

convection zone.

Movement of a fluid when part of it is heated is?


Does convection play a part in weather?


Where is the broiling part of an oven?

The broiling part of an oven is called the element, and it is located at the top of the oven. Be sure to leave the oven door open when using the broiler and put the oven rack up very close to the burner. The meat should be about 2 in from the heat source. DO NOT LEAVE the oven while broiling.

When the heated part of the mantle rises through the cooler part this is an example of?


When the heated part of the mantle rises threw the cooler part this is an example of?


What is the hottest part of an oven?

The hottest part of an oven is the grill. This is where food is placed to be broiled, baked, or cooked. The grill can get as hot as 450 degrees.

What part of the mantle do convection currents occur?

The Memosphere

This is not part of the suns atmosphere?

Convection Zone ;p

What part of a Gas oven would you cook roast meat?

Roast is the keyword, it is baked in the oven.

What is the top part of an oven called?


Do you place the chicken in the upper or lower part of the oven?


Is the crust a convection?

No. The crust is too rigid to convect. The mantle convects, and this convection is part of what controls the movement of tectonic plates.

Exploring Whirlpool Microwave Oven Choices?

Microwaves are part of the line of cooking appliances offered by Whirlpool. Whether it is for counter top use, an oven combination, or above the range, there is the right type of microwave for any kitchen layout. The stand alone counter top microwaves are the most affordable options, as they have minimum power ratings and limited capacity. However, the best advantage of this type of microwave is portability. The microwave/oven combo is the most expensive choice and it is designed for cooking large portions. With several cubic feet of total cooking space, the combo unit can be used to quickly prepare an entire meal for the whole family.

Convection in a sentence?

Convection is the transfer of heat from one part of the fluid to another by the movement of the respective fluid itself.

Can you use a gas oven to powder coat?

You can use a gas oven to cure a powder coated part.

The parts of convection current in the mantle are related to plate motions?

Waves is the part of convection current. This is the mantle and is related to plate motions.