How does a court case get appealed?

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A court case can only be appealed if?

A court case can only be appealed if the Court of Appeals agrees to hear the case.

What is the last court in which a case may be appealed?

That would be the Supreme Court.

Where does a case go after it has heard in district court?

Unless it is appealed it doesn't go anywhere. If appealed, it will go to the Appellate Court for the circuit the Distinct Court is in.

If a Texas judge issues a Bill of Review on a case can it be appealed in an appellate court?

No, only trial decisions can be appealed.

If the supreme court does not rule on an appeal case what is the result?

The decision then remains what it was when appealed to the Supreme Court.

What happens to a case that is appealed but never heard by a judge?

Not all cases appealed to an appellate court are heard by the appellate court. In such cases the verdict delivered by the lower court of original jurisdiction will stand.

What is the term for the authority of a court to hear a case appealed from a lower court?

That authority is called appellate jurisdiction.

Who hears cases appealed from the US District Courts?

If you appeal the decision of the US District Court, your case goes to the US Court of Appeals Circuit Court in that District Court's circuit (region, area). For example, a case heard in the US District Court for the Northern District of California would be appealed to the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. A case heard in US District Court for the District of Columbia would be appealed to the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, and so on.

Can there be an appeal from a federal court?

The highest court is the Supreme Court, but not all cases can be appealed to the Supreme Court; it depends what kind of legal issues are involved. Otherwise, the case can be appealed to a Federal Appeal Court. If you can afford the legal fees, of course.

Who can review a case tried in a lower court if an appeal has been made?

The answer depends on whether the case was tried in the state or federal court system, but under both systems the case is appeal to an intermediate appellate court. In the federal judiciary, most cases are first appealed to the US Court of Appeals Circuit Court with jurisdiction over the trial court that originally heard the case. Under certain circumstances, a case may be appealed directly from a US District Court (trial court) to the US Supreme Court, but this is rare.

Why can't you appeal at Supreme Court?

There is no where else to appeal to. The United States Supreme Court is the highest court of the land. When cases are appealed, they're appealed to a higher court. Hence, if a case started in a standard state court, it would be appealed to the state appellate court. If it were appealed a second time, it would be heard by the state's supreme court. After a third appeal (we're assuming all of these appeals were accepted by the courts), the case would be heard in front of the U.S Supreme Court. The fact that there is no higher court makes the idea of an appeal impossible, thus the U.S Supreme Court's decision is final.

Can any case be appealed?

Yes, unless it's a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The lower court decision is final in case of appeal dismissal?

Not necessarily, there are mechanisms whereby it can still be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Can Supreme Court rulings be appealed?

Who would you appeal a ruling TO? The Supreme Court is the highest court- a case that reaches them has reached the top. They have the final say in any case they choose to hear.

How is a case appealed to the US Supreme Court through the federal court system?

The Supreme Court is the highest of the federal courts. Cases from the court of appeals in each circuit and from the state supreme courts can be appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court can "reach down" to the lower courts and hear that case, or, it can hear a case on appeal from the lower federal courts or highest state courts, at the Supreme Court's discretion.

Can a 25 year sentence be appealed in Alabama?

Any ruling or court case can be appealed. During their review the Court of Appeals will either accept the appeal for consideration, or deny it or, possibly, send it (remand it) back to the original trial court.

Who makes the final review of lower federal court rulings?

No one, unless the case is appealed.

What case cannot be heard at the court of appeals?

A criminal acquittal generally cannot be appealed by the government.

How does a case proceed form the trial courts to the supereme court?

The case is tried in a trial court - If the outcome is not satisfactory to one of the parties to the case, it may appealed to the Court of Appeals. The Appeals Court will review the case and IF THEY WISH TO ACCEPT IT for review, they will consider the case and render a decision on the question contained in the appeal. If that appeal is not satisfactory to one of the parties in the case, that ruling may be appealed, yet again, to the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court chooses to accept the case, they, too, will hear the case and render a decision. The Supreme Court's decision is the final word and there is no higher appeal.

The last court of appeal what does this mean?

The last court of appeal is the final court to which a case can be appealed. In the United States it is the Supreme Court in cases of a Constitutional question and the state appellate courts in the case of a nonconstutional legal question.

How is a case brought to the US Supreme Court?

appealed many times...your case also has to be accepted by the supreme court (and this is termed "granting cert", which stands for the latin term "certiorari".

How many Justices have to agree to hear a case appealed to them?

If you are referring to the Supreme Court of the United States - the answer is FOUR.

What is a meaningful sentences for appellate jurisdiction?

The Supreme Court has the power of appellate jurisdiction, or to revise an appealed case.

When the death penalty is imposed is the case automatically appealed to the highest appellate court within the juristiction?


If a divorce case is appealed to the State Appellate Court by the other party do you have to maintain a lawyer?

yeah you need to have a lawyer to fight you case and stop the orders granted against you in the lower court.