Hermit Crabs

How does a crab walk?

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It uses its legs and it walks sideways

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How does a crab walk sideways?

a crab walks sideways by sticking its claws

Does a crab walk gracefully?

No they cannot.

Which way does a crab walk?


What do you after you get the crab on wimpy board walk?

you go to the side where the money is and then put the crab on the money

What is crab walk?

it walks on all fours

Can a hermit crab walk on dirt?

yes it can

What do you do once you catch the crab on poptropica board walk?

then you get gregs money with the crab and give it to him and then you win the game

Crab walk glitch in runescape?

The crab walk glitch is pretty much fixed so you cant do it, im pretty sure it is but correct me if im wrong please

Can spiders walk backwards?

Only the crab spider can walk backward, as well as forward and sideways.

What does crab mean?

A "crab" is a hard shelled aquatic crustacean. As these animals walk sideways to "crab" means to move sideways like an errant shopping trolley.

What kind of spider can walk forwards or backwards or sideways?

The Crab Spider

How do you beat the mison after quston for a crab?

use a walk through on the internet

How do you make a crab drunk?

They already walk sideways, what more do you want?

Examples of group stunts in physical education?

wheelbarrow duck walk crab walk dog walk merry-go-round walking chair

Can crabs walk straight?

Definitely! I had a small female fiddler crab named Skitters, and she could walk whichever way.

Do crabs walk sideways?

some do and some don't it depends on what kind of crab it is.

How do you see a ghost crab?

you feel some thing walk over your grave.

Can a crab walk the day it was born?

It sure can!After all it crawls right out of its egg!

What are adaptations of giant crab spiders?

Adaptations of crab spiders are that they can walk sideways, as well as front to back. Some are also able to camouflage themselves.

How can a hermit crab get used to you?

Try to handle your crabs as often as you can. Let them walk on the palm of your hand, make your hand flat and stretch out your hand, so no excess skin is there for the crab to picnch on if he gets scared. Play with your crab, let them walk around on your bedroom floor, but watch them carefully. You can also hand feed your hermit crab, if you want to buy the kit, it is at (:

How do you do the crab walk glitch in gears of war 2?

ye dont ya tool!!

Where do you get crab bait on wimpy board walk?

you get it from the mom in the fun zone from saving her kid

What happens to a fiddler crab loses a leg?

It will still live but it doesn't walk as much

Why do people have cars?

The answer is for transportation But thats why U.S.A IS FFFATTT RIDE A BIKE WALK CRAWL CRAB WALK CARTWHEEL who cares slim down

Can you take a hermit crab for a walk outside of its cage?

Answer: Yes, as long as you keep a close eye on it.