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How does a defrag work?


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March 25, 2014 6:52AM

A defrag usually looks for file fragments that match the size of other files that are fragmented. It then moves those fragments to other locations and fills the space with cotinuous files from elsewhere. Typically a defrag will begin to look for space closer to the beginning of the drive and will seek to fill that space with the files that are already closest to that region. Files that aren't fragmented are physically shifted to take up space and remove gaps. Depending on how fragmented the drive's contents are, and how much empty space is on the drive, the process will take varying amounts of time. It's similar to organizing a deck of well-shuffled cards into suits and ranks. With a large, empty table you have plenty of room to build each suit in order. If you have to use just your hands, it takes longer and is a more complicated process, but it can still be doned.