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DVRs are compatible with most any cable, satellite or antenna setup. Your exact setup instructions will vary according to the type of DVR you purchase. You'll need to review your owner's manual for more information, but here are some tips:

  • Depending on your current home entertainment arrangement, you'll basically hook up your cable line to your DVR, plug your DVR into an electrical outlet, and leave your cable box as is. If you have services like TiVo or RePlay, you'll follow on-screen instructions for setting up your program guide and recording your cable channels.
  • If you have a VCR or receiver, your setup instructions may be slightly different. See your DVRs manufacturer's manual for exact instructions.

Notes about setup if you use DVR services like TiVo:

  • Some DVR services (like TiVo) require that you hook your DVR to your phone line (instead of plugging it into an outlet). The TiVo service does daily downloads of your cable company's program listings to your DVR during a pre-set time. If you have DSL and want to use a service like TiVo, place a filter on the phone line plugged into your TiVo DVR.
  • Some may be incompatible with HDTV and C-band satellite systems.

If you need help with your DVR hardware and the answers aren't in the manual, visit your DVR manufacturer�s web site to locate tutorials, FAQs or a support center phone number. Some of the common DVR manufacturer�s include:

  • TiVo:
  • Philips:
  • Pioneer:,,2076_4137,00.html?
  • Toshiba:
  • Humax:

Note: This is not a complete list of DVR manufacturers. This list only serves as a starting place for your research. If you don�t find your manufacturer on this list, search for yours via a search engine like Yahoo or Google.

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Q: How does a digital video recorder work with cable or satellite TV?
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How do you connect a digital video recorder to a PC?

The digital video recorder that you purchase should come with all the necessary components that you would need to hook it up to your television. However, these devices usually plug directly into your cable box, with a standard coaxial cable.

How does a digital video recorder work with basic cable?

A DVR must be hooked to a cable television service to work. If your basic cable is digital, it will work. If it's analog, it won't. Itworks by recording only the digital signal from your cable.

Are digital video recorders expensive?

Depending on your perception of expensive, and the brand, a digital video recorder may or may not be expensive. Some cable packages will actually include a free DVR. From different channel, you can get different Price of Digital Video Recorder. manufacturer, wholesaler, agent. etc

Does the Verizon company offer cable TV?

Yes, Verizon offers TV that is different from regular satellite and is 100% fiber-optic. This allows you to get more channels and higher fidelity. It also offers a Digital Video Recorder.

What records video as digital signals?

A DVD recorder records video as a digital signal. A CD-ROM in a computer records video as a digital signal.

Is dvr an acronym?

Yes, of Digital Video Recorder.

How much does a portable digital video recorder cost?

The cost of a digital video recorder depends on whether it is new or used. A new one will run from $200 up.

Can the Royal Rumble be recorded?

yes it can if you have a digital video recorder.

What is the fullform of DVR in CC camera?

Digital Video Recorder

Who invented the digital video recorder?

The digital video recorder was first unveiled at the 1999 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There were two models launched concurrently, the TiVo and ReplayTV.

Is Freesat a type of Personal Video Recorder?

"Yes, Freesat is a type of personal video recorder. It acts much like a Digital video recorder and allows you to set it to record your favorite television episodes."

Where to purchase Sony digital video camera recorder?

You can purchase a sony digital video camera recorder at many locations. Your best options are amazon and eBay as they offer the best discounts and prices.

What kind of cable is used to transfer digital video to and from a computer and camcorder?

Transfer cable is used to transfer digital video to and from a computer and camcorder.

What is the best video recording software?

sony digital camera recorder

Who invented the first digital video recorder?

charles p. ginburg

How do you record cable TV with a tunerless DVD recorder?

Yes if the cable box has audio and video outputs. Connect these to the input connectors on the DVD recorder.

Which type of port transmits both digital audio and digital video with a single connector?

A HDMI cable will send audio and video down one cable.

What combines the functions of a video camera and a sound recorder?

A video camera and a SOUND recorder? Any video camera with onboard storage--whether it be tape or digital memory--will record sound.

What is full form of dvr?

The full form of DVR is Digital Video Recorder.

Does DVR always mean digital video recorder?

yes, that is exactly what it means

Can you splice a s-video cable to an HDMI cable?

no s-video is a radio frequency hdmi is digital

Can you transfer video from jvc recorder to an iPad?

If it is an analog recorder, you will have to capture it on a computer with a USB or firewire video interface. The video can then be imported into iTunes, which can then sync with the iPad. For a digital recorder, you may have to convert the file to a Quicktime format to import into the iPad.

Can you record a show from your DVR to a disc on your DVD player your DVD player is not a DVD recorder?

NO Not unless you have a recorder. The laser in a recorder burns the data onto the surface of the DVD. If you wish to transfer a video file from your Digital Video Recorder to a Disc, you must have a burner to do so. You may, however be able to transfer the data from your DVR to your computer using a cable. But not knowing your model, I cannot advise for sure.

What is a digital video device?

A digital video recorder (DVR), sometimes referred to by the merchandising term personal video recorder (PVR), is a consumer electronics device or application software that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, SSD or other local or networked mass storage device.

Where can you buy a good digital video recorder?

To buy a good digital video recorder you want to visit a local electronics store such as best buy where they have the actual product out for display. This way you get to feel the product in your own hands and see if the product will work for you.