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Because of the levels of a certain hormone in your body and the way the lining of your uterus is. There are lots of ways for a doctor to know if you had a miscarriage.

He can give you a blood test right afterward that will test your levels of HCG in the blood. If it is more than two, then you were pregnant.

2015-07-15 18:55:08
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Don't know if I'm pregnant but having symptoms of miscarriage i know i possibally could be pregnant?

i suggest you go to the doctor.

Can a doctor know if you have had a miscarriage in the past even though your pregnant now?

No there is no way to see that unless they see you have scarring to something if you needed a D&C after. Then they might ask but they can't tell if that is a miscarriage.

How do you know if you had a miscarriage?

When I had a miscarriage I had really horrible cramps and I started to bleed even though I was not on my period. I already knew that I was pregnant and when i went into my doctor to take another test she told me I had lost the baby. Hope this help

Are there any health risks becoming pregnant 1 month after having had a miscarriage?

I would not think so as long as the miscarriage was complete. Let your doctor know as soon as you find out you are pregnant again and let them know your history of miscarriage. THey can monitor you more closely.

What medication can cause a miscarriage?

Certain prescription and/or over­the­counter drugs are associated with fetal abnormalities and miscarriages. Consult your doctor before taking any medication when you are pregnant or trying to conceive. Some drugs can damage the fetus and cause miscarriage before you even know you are pregnant.

How do you know if still have tissues inside after miscarriage?

You have to see a doctor after a miscarriage and he will know.

How far along pregnant do you have to be for you to have a miscarriage?

You can miscarry before you even know your pregnant and just think it's a late period

Can you have a miscarriage if you didn't know you were pregnant?

Not knowing and not being pregnant are completely different things. If you are pregnant, whether you are aware of it or not, you can have a miscarriage. If you are not pregnant then you cannot.

Is it possible to have a miscarriage before you knew you were pregnant and could a doctor tell by doing a check-up?

Yes, it is possible to have a miscarriage before you know you're pregnant. It happens a lot more than, I think, people know about. I think a doctor can do an exam to tell if you've had a miscarriage or not, but it probably has to be soon after. Call a doctor right away if you want to know. you could definatly have a misscarage before you know you are pregnant because some times you do have what you think are periods so you don't notice changes in your body. some people go full term with out knowing there are pregnant. but i don't think it is possible for a doctor to check if you have had a misscarge once the misscarage is complete.

I think im pregnant but when i used the bathroom there was something in it It was small and im only a month I havent bled or anything Can it be a miscarriage?

It is possible that it could be a miscarriage. The only way to know is to visit a doctor.

What does it mean if you are lactating and you are not pregnant?

probably a horomone imbalance but it could mean you where pregnant and had a miscarriage and didn't know it or you may have milk ducts that need checking, go see your doctor.

I didn't know I was pregnant but I think I've had a miscarriage. How can I find out for sure?

Make an appointment with your OB/GYN doctor right away.

When you have misscarage you push it out?

Not necessarily. It depends on how far along a pregnancy is. If a woman is only a few weeks pregnant, the embryo is very small. The woman may have a normal, or slightly heavy, period, which is actually a miscarriage, and not even know she was ever pregnant. It is possible for part of the embryo/fetus or placenta to remain in utero after a miscarriage. This is called "retained products of conception." If you suspect that you are having a miscarriage, you should contact your doctor.

What does the tissue of a miscarriage look like if it wasn't fully developed and you didn't even know you were pregnant?

Usually a miscarriage tissue is difficult to pull apart and can be a grey colour where veins are seen.

How should I tell my Fiance that I was pregnant and had a miscarriage when I didnt know I was pregnant until the miscarriage and I am scared he will be disapointed?

BUt it isn't your fault. he should be able to understand

How can you tell if you had a miscarriage a year ago if you didn't know if you were pregnant or not?

You can not.

Could i have been pregnant and had a miscarriage if the last period i had was heavy and very painful the first two days but i never have cramps any other time i have a period?

Yes. Many women have a miscarriage before they even know they are pregnant. Some Dr. believe that about 25% of pregnancy end in a miscarriage.

Could you have had a miscarriage if you didn't even know you were pregnant?

Yes, especially if you were very early along. An early miscarriage (up to 7 or 8 weeks) would come on and just feel and look like a period with cramps etc. Somewhere around 25 - 30% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. And of those 40% are when the women did not even realize they were pregnant.

I miscarried when I was 22 you are now 26 Would the doctor have told me then if I had fertility problems?

If there appeared to be a physical problem for you that caused the miscarriage, the doctor probably should have told you. If you're trying to get pregnant again, I would suggest going to a ob/gyn and letting them know about your miscarriage. They can give you a full checkup and tell you what your odds are for another miscarriage.

You would like to know if a Dr would tell you if you where pregnant if you didn't know and you miscarried?

I did not understand your question to well. But I think you are asking if your doctor knew that you were pregnant and he did not told you knowing that you did not know and you had a miscarriage? If that's the question this is the answer " SUE HIM or HER" The DR should told you about it if he or she knew.

Can Methadone cause a miscarriage?

Yes it can but once you know your pregnant stop

What antiobiotic can cause a miscarriage?

Antibiotics don't cause miscarriage as far as we know. There is no research on this since we don't want to test it on pregnant women but a doctor will not prescribe it to you unless the reason you need it is potentially worse than the effect. Never take antibiotics without consulting a doctor first, pregnant or not. Also remember that there are different spectra of antibiotics for different illnesses.

How do you know if you had miscarriage?

If you are suspicious that you may have had a miscarriage, see a doctor immediately. An over-the-counter pregnancy test could still read positive after a miscarriage.

Your period comes on regulary ever month but you missed an entire month but your pd came on 4 a short time this month Could you have had a miscarriage?

If you had a miscarriage it would have been a good size amount of blood and tissue. Sometimes when you are pregnant you can bleed a little bit. I would go into your doctor right away to make sure everything is fine. first to know if you were pregnant you would had to take a hpt and have a positive result.... sometime a woman can missed a month of a period due to stress.. to know if you miscarriage you should go to a ob/gyn doctor and get check out-if you did had a miscarriage you can jeopardize your health if you don't see a of luck

Is hospitalization a must after a miscarriage?

not nessarily did you know that most late periods are misscarriages and women do not even know it? well they are ..... but to answer your question if you had a miscarriage and you know it then it is safe to go to the doctor to insure you do not have any infections of other problems ....but if you was not very far along then just go about your life