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Not much. These type of men want fun and the feeling that another woman actually wants and needs them and of course, sex is always at the top of the list. In ways, he's used you and he should never have started this relationship with you in the first place. He's had his fun and he's off and running. I am not trying to hurt your feelings, but it sounds like this guy hits like a mac truck and leaves the walking wounded behind him. Keep going and don't look back. Be thankful you found out now. Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-03-09 09:45:19
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Q: How does a dumper feels after a break up even though he has to end the relationship for the sake of his kids?
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What does it mean when wife says she feels smothered?

it means that she feels as though she cant breath in the relationship.. most often it means that she wants to get out of the realtionship or take a break from the relationship. hope you arent asking about something your mum said :(

Why would a guy break up with you even though he loves you but feel insecure?

You need to find out why he feels insecure and if you love him you need to reassure him of your love. If you are doing something that makes him insecure in the relationship, you should stop doing it if it is damaging your relationship.

Do guys like it when girls wear lipgloss?

It depends on the guy. I don't think it will make or break how a guy feels about a girl though.

Why is he still talking to his ex girlfriends even though he says that he doesn't want to have anything to do with them?

well maybee he feels sirry for his ex or feels guilty for ending there relationship and he just wants to reedeem himself

Is love the way you lie a bad song?

no it is an amazing song its just discribing how it feels to lie in a relationship but they dont wanna break because they are in love is that helpful? :)

How do you break up with someone you love so much because I think that he likes someone else even though he denies this fact completely?

You first of all have to have communication in this need to talk to him. Find out the facts...maybe even go to the other woman and ask her if she feels the same way for him...If you You first of all have to have communication in this need to talk to him. Find out the facts...maybe even go to the other woman and ask her if she feels the same way for him...If your

Why does Becky have to take the initative in their relationship?

Maybe she just feels he doesn't do anything to motivate their relationship. She probably feels she needs to take charge.

What if he got burned in a previous relationship and is now leary of saying I love you even though he says he feels that way Is he still in love with her?

In my experience, yes.

Why do guys cry over a girl?

Because he has built a strong relationship with that girl, and then for some reason the relationship falls because of a break-up or something. Then the man feels VERY sad that he lost her because he loved her, or something.

What do you say to a guy to tell them what they mean to you?

It is wise not to let a guy know how you really feel about him until he admits how he feels about you first. In many cases if the guy hasn't told the girl how he feels and she does he may feel suffocated; afraid and break off the relationship. Take the relationship slow and easy and let him make the first move.

Why do teens get emanciapted?

Can be the teen feels ready and independent and wants freedom. a bad family relationship, to much stress and conflict at home, abuse, serious family break downs.

How can you break up with a girl without breaking her heart?

Say nice words, remind her of all the good times, say ' I love you ' . Unless this girl feels the same way though, there isn't a way, her heart will break and she will have to get over the break-up in her own time.

Does a heart really break?

No, it just feels like it does.

Socrates feels indebted to the state and as such is unwilling to break his contract because it has provided him with?

Socrates feels indebted to the state and, as such, is unwilling to break his contract because it has provided him with: A. an education.

If a guy and a girl used to be together but break up nd he moves on but keeps messing around with his ex is he using her?

The guy could be using her it depends on how the ex feels about the relationship. Its cheating on your partner but if your ex is just your friend with benefits and she feels that you are the same way then no your not using her. If your messing around with your ex and she thinks its a growing to love you relationship or an I still love you its good to finally have you back relationship then yes your using her.

She feels bored in her current relationship?

She has fell out of love with that person. Unless there is no excitement in the relationship. She should add something or communicate with her boyfriend and work out a way to add some spark back into their relationship. If this fails, maybe they need some time alone to work on it, maybe they will fix it, maybe they will break up.

What to do when you tell the person you love about your feelings for her but she started avoiding you?

You should confront her and ask if she feels the same way. If she does then there will be no more problems. But if she doesn't then it would be best for the both of you to take a little break from the relationship.

Did this kiss mean something to him too?

It depends on your relationship with him and how he feels about you.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he needs a break because he is stressed and needs to focus on work for a bit?

It seems he may be overwhelmed with what is going on in his life outside the relationship and being in a committed relationship in which he obviously feels he doesn't have the time for you he would like - that is respectable as he is thinking about you as well as his future. Respect how he feels at this time and give him the time and space he may need - don't be overbearing.

How does a romantic relationship turn into an on-again off-again relationship?

There has to be a break up, then a revival, then a break up again, then another relationship revival. Answer Maybe one of them is experiencing difficulties of some kind and doesn't want to bring the difficulties into the relationship. It could be that one of partners for some reason feels that the other partner is not responding to the relationshp like he/she would want them to. Maybe one of them feels like the other one doesn't care about them and they withdraw. It could be just about anything but sometimes these things can be a reason for the on-again off-again relationship. I know someone who recently lost their job, is experiencing difficulties because of it, and is pretty much freaking out. She feels she cannot share these difficulties with her partner so she has withdrawn until she can get things worked out. It's too bad that she cannot have the emotional support of her partner through her difficult time.

What kind of relationship can a narcissist stay in?

A relationship where he rules supreme and the other half feels depressed, devalued, and confused.

What happens if a girl has a crush on you and your friends but it feels like your dating Even though you don't go out with the person?

It largely depends on where you want this relationship with the girl to go. If you want to invest in a long term relationship, you should definitely ask her out! She already appears to like you.

Why would a man tell a woman he doesn't want a carnal relationship after telling her his desires for her?

Maybe he wants to wait for the right time or he feels as though taking the relationship to the next level may ruin it or he may be afraid that he may not live up to your expectations.

How can you improve a relationship?

Communication is the key! Make sure each person knows how he or she feels. if there is misommunication in any kind of relationship it is bound to fail. As for ways to improve it, try going on adventures like hiking or to an amusement park, try something new and break out of the usual habits.

What do you do if your boyfriend breaks up with you after he tells you he loves you?

Your boyfriend owes you an explanation as to why he told you he loved you and then broke up the relationship. Try being alone with him and ask why he feels you should break up. There can be many reasons for a break up other than another girl being involved.