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How does a fox kill its prey?

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Foxes like to stalk their prey and then pounce on them to kill. They then take their prey far away to eat.

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How does a fox catch its prey?

they use there teethThe fox catches its prey by sneaking up to its prey and grabs it prey and devours the prey

Is an Arctic fox a prey or a predator?

An Artic Fox can be prey, but it is mostly a prdator.

Is the Arctic fox a predator or a prey?

An Arctic fox is a predator as well as a prey item.

Is a fox squirrel a predator or prey?

The fox squirrel is a prey item to many animals.

Is the Arctic fox a predator or prey?

The Arctic fox is both predator as well as prey.

Is the Arctic fox a prey animal?

An Arctic fox may be both a predator as well as a prey.

What animal would prey on a fox?

A wolf or eagle would prey on a fox because foxes are small.

How do fox snakes eat?

they squeeze their prey. then,they swallow their prey

What is the red fox role in food web?

The red fox is a secondary consumer and is both predator and prey.

Do all lions kill their prey?

Yes. They have to kill their prey to eat.

How do golden eagles kill their prey?

They Swoop Down and Clutch the prey with their talons and rip the prey or target apart with their beaks. They Hunt small mammals like Prairie Dogs and Rabbits. They Rarely are caught killing Fox and deer

How does an andoconda kill its prey?

The Anaconda is a constrictor, it will strike at its prey, pulling the prey into its coils to overpower and kill it.

Why do owls kill prey with their talons?

Owls kill their prey with their talons and beak because those are the only things owls have that can kill their prey.

Is a fox a prey?

Yes, foxes are both predator and prey. See the image above of an eagle eating a fox it has killed.

Is an Arctic fox a predator or a prey?

They can be a predator and a prey to another animal

How does a fox kill a domestic rabbit?

Generally predators of the canine family break the neck of larger prey by grabbing by the neck shaking if needed.

What is the relationship of a fox and rabbit?

The relationship of predator(fox) and prey(rabbit)

What eats an island fox?

Eagles are known to prey on the island fox.

Can a pitbull kill a fox?

a pitbull has a locked jaw to kill anything even a fox, but a fox can run fast but if there is a pack of pitbulls then it can kill the fox by locking it's jaw

How do anaccondas kill their prey?

Anacondas kill their prey by wrapping around them and squeezing them to death.

How do jellyfish kill their prey?

i think they get there prey by the neck in it is mouth then kill it then eat itThey kill their prey by using harpoon shaped needles to inject extremely poisonous venom

Does the red fox have any predators?

A red fox does have predators, but their numbers have dwindled in recent years. Humans are the main predator of these foxes, which kill them for their fur.

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