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How does a girl ask a boy out?

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it depends on the girl and the guy and how old they if they're in a younger grade then she could just say "Hey you wanna hang out sometime?" or another really good thing is group dating. Fid out if hes interested, then if he is, just go straight ahead and ask him, if you can't find out if he's interested just take a chance, it'll be worth it in the end ] ==

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Is a player when a boy ask out a girl and the girl says no and the boy gos and ask another girl?


Why can't you ask a boy out?

its traditional for the boy to ask the girl out but not everyone does that. it is traditional for the boy to ask the girl out its like a girl asking a guy to marry her that just not cool

Is siri a boy or a girl?

A girl ask Siri you will be surprised by the answer

How do you ask a boy out when a girl is already dating him?

you don't if you do, both the boy and the girl will hate you (but mostly the girl)

Should a girl askout a boy?

i always thought a boy should ask the girl out.

How do you ask someone your on a date?

well are you a boy askimg a girl or a girl asking a boy????

Should a boy ask a girl out?

Well it depends if the girl really really likes the boy she should make a move but normally the boy should ask her out

What do you do if a girl like a boy?

ask them out

How does a boy ask out a girl?

Just do it

Does a girl ask a boy out?


How do you ask a girl if she loves a boy?

"Hello _______ do you love a boy?"

Can a girl prepose to a boy?

just as a girl can ask a boy out a girl can propose to a may be a little awkward,but it will be something you will REALLY remember

Boy kissing girl?

if the boy wanted to kiss the girl and the boy wasnt sure if the girl wanted to he would have to ask him himself that shows the girl how brave he is.

Is the girl or boy suppossed to ask the other one out?

Usually it's the boy, but sometimes it can be the girl.

How can you tell a girl from a boy?

You should probably ask your parents about this. But, a girl a vagina, and a boy has a penus.

Who should ask the other out first boys or girls?

A girl thinks its more traditional for the boy to ask and a boy likes it when a girl asks.

How does a girl ask another girl out?

The same way a boy would ask a girl, or a girl would ask a boy. But you should probably investigate if this might be offensive to the invitee, by ascertaining her sexual preferences (at least in a general way).

How do you ask someone out if they like you?

haha first things first, boy or girl? if your a boy, then you can have a friend ask her out for you. if your a girl, then you can have a friend go up to him and ask if he lieks you, and would ever get with you.

Can a girl ask a boy if he likes you?


Can a girl ask a boy out on a date?


Should a girl ask a boy out?


Is it okay for a girl to ask a boy out?

yea why not

How do you find out if a boy likes a girl?

Ask him.

How do you tell if the alien is a boy or girl?

ask it ?

How do you ask a boy out if you're a girl?

kiss him