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Marry me! Marry me! Marry me!


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Q: How does a girl ask a guy to marry her?
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Is it weird for a girl to ask a guy to marry her?

It isn't to weird for a girl to ask but its a free country, so be crazy and ask that question girl.

How do you get married on woozworld?

Just ask the girl/guy to marry you thats what u did

How do you know that you are bi?

if you are a guy you would marry a guy or a girl. if you are a girl you would marry a girl or a guy.

What do promise rings mean?

A promise ring is what a guy gives a girl when he wants to marry her but he is to young to marry. It is his promise to ask her to marry her when they are older.

It is all right for the girl to ask the guy to become engaged?

You can discuss with the one you love about getting engaged, but no, the guy generally asks the girl to marry him.

Who would zayn marry if he was a girl?

Zayn would marry a great guy if he were a girl no name is need if he would marry a guy if he were a girl.

When can a girl ask to marry?

A girl can ask to get marry when shes 24 years old!!!

Should women ask men to marry them or not?

it is totally okay for a girl to ask a guy to marry her but it all depends on the relationship.. like who is the more dominant one out of the relationship

CAN A SIKH girl marry a Muslim guy?

NO. A Muslim guy can marry only a Christian or a Jewish girl as a non-Muslim girl.

Can you marry a guy and a girl?

I cannot marry a guy and a girl. In my tradition men marry women and not both.

How do you ask a guy to marry you?

you don't

Is it correct to ask a guy out?

its normal for a guy to ask a girl out but a guy can ask a girl out there's no wrong way

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