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How does a girl learn to hang out with boys?

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2011-04-06 19:56:16

If you are in your early teens it's not likely you'll have much

of a chance to hang out with boys unless you are tomboy yourself.

Young guys like to hang out together and it's a "no man's land" so

try getting a few girlfriends and forget the boys until you start


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nothing i hang out with tons of guys and im not a tomboy just be

yourself and hopefully your teacher will sit you in a group with a

couple guys

plus i find that some guys are much better listeners than


there is something very important to know. Boys will feel most

comfortable around you if you feel comfortable around them. One has

to learn the nature of boys... they want to know that they can be

themselves around you without you judging them and scolding them.

You have to play along, and they will do the same to you. Its more

of a friendship. Especially in a group of guys, one shouldn't favor

one over the other. they all have to get the idea that you feel the

same about all of them, so they won't begin to distance themselves

from you so that the guy that you treat better could have you all

to himself.

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