How does a girl react when not in love with you?

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It depends if the girl likes you. They may cry, but not in front of you. They will get over it though

Why do you love a girl?

Answer . \nSometimes you are never able to see yourself in your true light. When you see her you want to be a better person, you want to show her that even though she cannot see it, she is the most beautiful person you have ever seen. Your heart goes through stages of being so free with love and ( Full Answer )

How do you love a girl?

Answer . the way to love a girl is to get her in bed and u take your wenny and put it in her hole

How do guys react when there in love with you?

They Text And Call You Every Day And Be Very Talkitive. But When You See Them On The Street They Act Shy. But Others Will Show Off And Ignore You..(But Still Like You) . Answer . kiss u

If you love a girl but she does not love you how can you get her to love you?

First of all u can't make someone love u this coming from a teenage girl's point of view because i have the same thing going on with this guy. I'm going to sound like a COMPLETE hypocrite but just let go. If u really love her u will want her to be happy with whoever even if it isn't you. just do lit ( Full Answer )

How can you love a girl?

Trust me, you'll know when you love her. You get this feelinginside and all you is want to be with her and you cant stopthinking about her. If you must ask this, it is possible that you just aren't attractedto girls. You might prefer boys or nobody at all.

How can a girl love me?

You possess your own unique qualities and features that will attract a girl to you that will love you for you.

How can you get a girl to love you?

1.Be kind to her and give her compliments 2.Tease her a bit (girls love that) 3.Don't tattle on her all the time 4.NEVER be gross like picking your nose

How do you get girls in love?

im a girl. and you have to impress us and take us out on a date.. im a girl. and you have to impress us and take us out on a date.

Why you love a girl?

why do boys love girls because its human nature you have got to be a bit QWERTY to not love any girl. You love this girl for everything about her. I no i got a GIRLFRIEND and all you have got to do iis say to the girl I LOVE YOU, it will make you feel alot better once you have said it and it is on a ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you love a girl?

You first have to become her friend, so you can see what type of girl she is, then just let time pass by (Probably a month or two) so you two can become best friends, then just, at the perfect timing, ask her out to a movie, or dinner, or just something she will love.

How do love a girl?

Love her the way you love yourself. Treat her the way she wants to be treated. Love is more of showing your affections and more of giving than taking.

How do girls react after puberty?

everyone reacts a little different. some are excited, waiting for the first sign (usually because of friends) or some are scared about the physical and mental changes.

How do you no that a girl loves you?

you get a sticky funny feeling and she does to. she sends you peices of crimson biolife shapet like that of cariovascular infrastructure.. just make sure shes a lemon pie addict first

How do people react to love?

People react to love as if it were something that they adore. Butsometimes they don't want to get too close because it could bethere and seem like the best thing in the world, and in the blinkof a eye it could turn around and stab you in the back. Most peoplefeel giddy when they're in love, but it c ( Full Answer )

Who reacts faster girls or boys?

Depends on the situation- girls react faster emotionally, but boys react faster physically. ******* i dont agree, in my relation ship it was the other way around. He became more emotional and i became more physical. it really depends on intentions. falling in love takes a while but hooking u ( Full Answer )

How do you react if a girl likes you?

If u like her ask her out- if not play with it. I know this sounds weird and I hate it when guys do it to me when one finds out I think their cute but it's so hotttttttt like tazz them and...... Well slapppppp their butt (:

You love a girl what can you do?

1. try flirting with her (say you have nice hair). 2. don't be too forward this will make you look like a needy weirdo. 3. Offer to take her on a date. Take her somewhere special ( not your bedroom gigadygigady). 4. Make conversation and try and avoid an awkward silence. 5. If your feeling the m ( Full Answer )

How would he react if he loves you?

If he loves you, he would act nervous around you. He might get his words mixed up when trying to talk to you. Or if he is not a talker, he might find any excuse in the book to try to get away, it does not mean he doesnt like you. Also, you may catch him giving you a quick glance and then look away r ( Full Answer )

If you love a girl what to do?

Tell her. Tell her with words if you can, or with something like a song or a romantic meal if you can't say it.

You loved a girl but you did't talk to you want to propose her can you propose on your birthday. how can she react to it?

No affence but she would probley say NOT IN A MILLION YEARS PAL because well........................................If you didn't talk to her and now you wanna be with her for the rest of your life (if you do this still and don't follow our advice you might get heart broken) . P.S. You should get ( Full Answer )

How do you react to an unknown person who says i love you for girls?

If you meen that you don't know that person then you should just let them know that you do not like them saying that and you would apreciate it if they stop. If you think they are cute then just let them know that you do not feel the same but that you want to get to know them.

Who reacts faster a boy or girl?

This question is too non-specific. Reacts faster to what? Physical activity? Yes, boys are very generally stronger and faster. They tend to be more physical. Thus, they are trained to react faster compared to girls who are less physical. But world class female athletes are NOT slower to react than m ( Full Answer )

What do you do if a girl is in love with you?

Talk to her. Do you love her? Are you definitely sure she is in love with you? (Don't get afraid of commitment issues - she may be infactuated) Sit her down at your place, or hers. (Hard subject to tackle in a public place). Ask her where this relationship is going. Tell her how much you care - DON' ( Full Answer )

Who is lovely girls?

Lovely girls are girls who don't cheat , where make-up and who have a brilliant personality. And know how to give a great blowjob.......

When i walked into classe a girl talled me than shes in love with me but i didn't react so after a month i was in love with her till now and im not shure if she loves scared to talk to her?

Don't make a big deal out of anything that has happened. Just be casual and try not to worry about whether or not she likes you. Once you both are comfortable with each other again, try to explain why you didn't react and that your sorry you hadn't realized what you had til it was gone. :)

How can i be a lovely girl?

be nice,friendly,classy,caring,and dress nice like wear clothes that fit your style but look nice with it.And be your self!

How do you react when loved girl ignores or does not care about us?

If she ignores you, you should move on. Go get a girl that acts like she wants you around, and treats you with respect. Don't take it personally. It is hard to stop loving someone, but you can do it. Just stay away from her and talk to other girls.

How do people react to a bisexual girl?

Some people see bisexualism as a sin and others find it against their morals or their concept of 'right'. Others find it a good thing and see it as an expression of freedom and love. Most will just say "okay, moving on".

How do you no if a girls in love with you?

she wont tell u that she loves u she will show u.look at the way she looks at u the way she touches you(not just sexually)the way she kisses u. u should know by now.

How do you get a girl you love?

Talk to her as much as possible, not so much that she feels "closed" in together with you, give her some space after some time, however, let her know that you're there for her, let her know that you love her, let her know you want to be with her. There isn't really other special way of doing this.

How the boy reacts to a girl whom he love?

I know exactly how you feel, I was the same way forever. Give her space, don't always be looking over her shoulder. Hang out with your own friends too. Always be kind, and never perverted, never! They hate that. Don't be afraid to talk to her, get to know her. Eventually, ask her to a movie, but not ( Full Answer )

How should i react to a question do you love me?

If you love that person, then say yes. If you don't then say no. You've got to be honest. Being honest is the best way. I hope this helped. If you need more help, then please leave a message on my message board. I will be happy to help you. Thank you!

What is love for girls?

For me love is truly knowing a guy, trusting him completely, accepting his flaws, and feeling more complete when I'm with him than when I'm not.

How you love a girl?

There is know right way to love a girl. Sometimes love just happens or you devlop your love for them over time. but, you cannot make yourself love someone. But, when you do find someone that you truly love, you will feel it. You know when your in love with a girl because shell change your entire wor ( Full Answer )

How do you react when a girl is cheating on you?

I would break up with her personally. Nothing more needs to be done really. Some guys would just start cheating on them. Either way the relationship won't prosper, but with the latter option you get more variety. haha

How can you do for the girl love you?

the way you typed this question does not make sense. If you meant "what can you do for the girl who loves you?" then the answer is tell her you love her, take her to see any movie she wants. If you meant "What can you do to make a girl love you?" then the answer is to talk to her every day, an ( Full Answer )

How can you get a girl you love?

Get friendly with her If at sch try and sit next to her just talk and every so accidentally brush your leg against hrs and touch her hand then ask her out x

How can a girl react while texting if she loves the guy?

If a girl really loves a boy she should be happy while texting the guy, you'll often notice her smiling while reading the texts or giggling out loud . She'll also be impatient & anxious while waiting for a reply from her boo .

How marijuana react on a girl?

Marijuana effects different people differently. Not all people are created equal, but also not all marijuana is created equal. I don't think the effects are different for gender, it's more on an individual level. Some people become withdrawn, some become hyper. It has been said to cause hallucinatio ( Full Answer )

How you will react if someone says 'I love you'?

I don't know how you will react. But in my opinion, If someone says 'I love you', i will ignore him. My parents will decide who will i marry ? It's their wish. If i'm in love with anyone, i will say to my parents. If my parents didn't like him. I won't marry him.

How do girls react to being told that you love them?

In my case, pure passion and exhilaration. It was a very exciting moment for both of us. If it comes out naturally in a moment of intimacy/romance, that's your best bet to get a good reaction.

How does a girl react to you after you both had a fight?

It really depends on the girl, and the relationship you have with her. Some girls get over fights easily, others take time. You have to be patient and give her a little space - at least a day of a few texts, but don't call her all the time. This is a really vague question. I don't know the personali ( Full Answer )