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How does a girl react when not in love with you?

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It depends if the girl likes you. They may cry, but not in front of you. They will get over it though

How do guys react when there in love with you?

They Text And Call You Every Day And Be Very Talkitive. But When You See Them On The Street They Act Shy. But Others Will Show Off And Ignore You..(But Still Like You) . A

If you love a girl but she does not love you how can you get her to love you?

First of all u can't make someone love u this coming from a teenage girl's point of view because i have the same thing going on with this guy. I'm going to sound like a COMPLE

How do people react to love?

People react to love as if it were something that they adore. Butsometimes they don't want to get too close because it could bethere and seem like the best thing in the world,

How would he react if he loves you?

If he loves you, he would act nervous around you. He might get his words mixed up when trying to talk to you. Or if he is not a talker, he might find any excuse in the book to

You loved a girl but you did't talk to you want to propose her can you propose on your birthday. how can she react to it?

No affence but she would probley say NOT IN A MILLION YEARS PAL because well........................................If you didn't talk to her and now you wanna be with her fo

How do you react to an unknown person who says i love you for girls?

If you meen that you don't know that person then you should just let them know that you do not like them saying that and you would apreciate it if they stop. If you think they

When i walked into classe a girl talled me than shes in love with me but i didn't react so after a month i was in love with her till now and im not shure if she loves scared to talk to her?

Don't make a big deal out of anything that has happened. Just be casual and try not to worry about whether or not she likes you. Once you both are comfortable with each other

How do you react when loved girl ignores or does not care about us?

If she ignores you, you should move on. Go get a girl that acts like she wants you around, and treats you with respect. Don't take it personally. It is hard to stop loving
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How the boy reacts to a girl whom he love?

I know exactly how you feel, I was the same way forever. Give her space, don't always be looking over her shoulder. Hang out with your own friends too. Always be kind, and nev
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How should i react to a question do you love me?

If you love that person, then say yes. If you don't then say no. You've got to be honest. Being honest is the best way. I hope this helped. If you need more help, then pl
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How can a girl react while texting if she loves the guy?

If a girl really loves a boy she should be happy while texting the guy, you'll often notice her smiling while reading the texts or giggling out loud . She'll also be impatient
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How you will react if someone says 'I love you'?

I don't know how you will react. But in my opinion, If someone says 'I love you', i will ignore him. My parents will decide who will i marry ? It's their wish. If i'm in love
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How do girls react to being told that you love them?

In my case, pure passion and exhilaration. It was a very exciting moment for both of us. If it comes out naturally in a moment of intimacy/romance, that's your best bet to get