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The vibration of the strings causes the soundboard (top) of the guitar to vibrate in a similar manner. The vibration of the soundboard then causes the air inside (and around) the guitar to vibrate...the vibrations of the air is what you hear.and what you hear is known as a sound wave or sound waves

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What vibrates to make the sound when a guitar is played?

The strings vibrate, the body of the guitar projects the sound

How guitar stings vibrate?

When strummed, guitar strings make small, fast vibrations that make sound.

What will vibrate in a guitar?

It's a common misperception that the body of the guitar vibrates to create the sound. Actually it the column of sound around the guitar and in the guitar which vibrates to create the sound. When you vibrate the strings, the air around it vibrates causing the air in the guitar to vibrate.

How is sound made by a guitar?

the strings vibrate and sound is made.

What is the sound of violin?

The strings vibrate... like a guitar.

Do the frets on a guitar make the sound?

The frets don't nessicarily make the noise, but the tension on the frets as you get higher on the fretboard is what makes the noise. It's the strings that make the sound. They vibrate when you pluck them producing a sound. The sound is amplified in the body of the guitar(acoustic guitar). The frets enable you to vary the length of the strings thus making them produce a different sound.

How does gitar produce sound?

The player makes the strings vibrate, which makes the body of the guitar vibrate, which makes the air vibrate. And vibrations in the air, at a certain set of frequencies, is what sound is.

Why do guitars have frets?

They make the string vibrate more than your finger does when you press on the guitar. The frets enable you to change the length of the strings this make them produce a different sound. (vibrate at a different frequency)

How is the sound made with guitar?

the strings vibrate causing sound waves which is the sound. the little hole you see in guitars just help make it louder because the sound vibrates in it and vibrates out of it.

How does the balalaika work?

The balalaika makes a sound when you strum the strings creating the guitar to vibrate and ampliphies the sound.

How is the sound of the electric guitar produced?

With the string and the magnets who make them vibrate at different tones depending on where, how and with how much force you pull a string.

How does a guitar make a sound?

A guitar can make a sound when a string vibrates

Do earthquakes make sound?

Actually, they do. They make a rumbling sound and they vibrate.

Which part is vibrate to produce sound in guitar?

Whether it's an acoustic guitar or an electric one - the principle is the same... When you pluck the strings, they vibrate quickly - it's this vibration that produces sound... In an acoustic guitar, the vibrations are amplified by the sound hole in the body. With an electric guitar, the vibrations trigger an electric current in the pick-up coil - which is then fed to an amplifier.

Is violins guitars and harps produce sound by vibrating membranes?

What? Guitars strings vibrate resonating inside the guitar. Similar with the violin the bow scrapes the string to make it vibrate and resonate. Harp use reeds that vibrate at different speeds to produce pitch

What makes the pickup guitar make sound?

A guitar pickup is wire coiled around a magnet. When the string vibrates, it causes the magnet to vibrate, which creates an electric current in the wire. The signal created by that electric current is then fed into the amplifier which converts it to sound.

Do guitars vibrate?

The strings on the guitar vibrate producing noise, not the actual guitar itself.

Do earthquake make sounds?

Yes, they do. They make a rumbling sound as they vibrate.

What makes the ear drum vibrate?

Sound waves make your eardrum vibrate, that is why we heard sound because the sound wave vibrates and allows us to hear sounds. :)

Why is a does a thick string on a guitar make a lower pitched sound?

Thicker strings vibrate slower than the thinner strings. of course it changes when you press down on fret.

Does a crack in an electric guitar change the sound?

Yes. Cracks affect how the body vibrates, which affects how the strings vibrate.

How does an acoustic bass work?

Just like a guitar. The strings vibrate the bridge, the bridges sends the sound to the back of the guitar, the back sends it to the top and it loops.

How does tubular bells make sound?

Sound is vibration (of air ... as we humans perceive it). If a bell, tubular or otherwise, is made to vibrate then it will cause the adjacent air to vibrate ... and we call it sound.

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