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This is very common. Often men/women can become good friends, but the sad thing is most men/women don't get the true meaning of love. You should be each others best friend, be loyal, loving and you'll usually have a good life together. Your male friend is a little confused at this point and you have to reassure him just because you become lovers doesn't mean you can't be each others best friend. My husband and I have been married 34 years, were friends first and we rely on each other 100%. Oh yes, we do have some arguements, but, you have those no matter if you are friends, living together, dating someone or married. We've learned to sit down and discuss our problems and try not to second-guess each other. Have that talk and let him express what he feels, then you tell him what you think. Just assure him you can both take it slow and easy and there is no rush. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How does a guy feel if you made out with him and thought he was definitely interested in you but now he's worried and awkward thinking that the encounter will ruin your friendship?
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