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Your hamster should just know it from instints.

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Q: How does a hamster know to drink water from the bottle hanging in the tank?
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How can you train your hamster to drink from his water bottle?

They don't need training. Water has a smell (surprisingly!) and your hamster will sense that there is water and automatically drink from his bottle.

Can a hamster drink water from a baby bottle?

No, you should buy a special bottle designed for hamsters.

What Can Hamsters Drink Out Of?

water bottle but iv got a little bowl for my hamster because she prefers it,you can buy hamster bottles at a pet store.

Do hamsters drink from a bottle?

Yes, special small animal bottles can be used to distribute water to your hamster.

How much should a Syrian hamster drink each day?

You should always have a good supply of water for your hamster. Often in a water bottle that convienetly hangs against the outside of the cage. Hamsters drink a lot so they need plenty of water.

How do you get your hamster to drink?

most hamsters drink naturally when they are ready if they have been bought up using a simple bottle in there cage but if they don't know how to use the bottle you could buy another type of water bottle or bowl i suggest the new one from pets at home its a small bowl that you put water in and then put the grid on top that lets a small amount of water out so that they can drink a water easier and also won't drown in it. another way is to put small amount water in your hand from the bottle showing the hamster how to do it and then let is drink out your hand

Would a hamster die if it doesnt drink water?

If a hamster had no water intake, then of course it would die. However, a hamster has an efficient excretory system, and it might be that a hamster who seems to be ignoring its water bottle, is getting all the necessary water from watery foods like lettuce, and apple.

Is it better to have a bowl of water or a water bottle for a hamster?

Definitely a bottle of water. Specific hamster bottles have a little ball inside and when the hamster licks it the water comes out. This means that a hamster can have the water when he wants. A bowl of water is likely to get spilled and can also be quite dangerous for the hamster.

What water should a hamster drink?

A hamster should drink tap water or mineral water. Hope I helped!

How often do you refill a hamsters water bottle?

Change the water in it everyday. Don't wait for the hamster/s to drink it up before refilling.

How often do you give your hamster new water to drink?

it is important that your hamster always has water to drink and so whenever the bottle starts to become empty you have to fill it. It is very important to give your hamster fresh water every day. They prefer cold fresh water, to warm 2 day old water. Also, when you are changing the water make sure you rinse the bottle out, just incase their is dirt or grime build-up on the inside.

Can a hamster drink water from a cup?

Yes but it's recommended that you get a hamster bottle because hamsters like to dig and end up burying their water and you'd have to change the cup very often.

Why do short haired hamster drink a lot of water?

All hamster drink a lot of water its natural!!

Can a hamster drink water from the faucet?

yes, my hamster does.

What is water the container in a hamster cage called?

Water Bottle?

How do you get my hamster to drink?

well you cant really get your hamster to drink ,when its thirsy it will go and drink buy it self or hold up a treat and he/she will come and sniff it then hold it up next to the water bottle of the hamster and he might drink.if its new it might take some time to get use to you and might not drink or eat but he will afterwords so dont worry.

What can a dwarf hamster drink?


Does a hamster really need a water bottle?

There are alternative products to water bottles, but if water is not provided, the hamster will die of dehydration.

What do mice drink out of?

Its best to use a hamster or mouse water bottle, its possible use small food bowl but that will get more dirty faster .

How do chinchillas drink water?

Chinchillas drink water from a water bottle.

Hamster water bottle OK for guinea pig?

The only problem would be the size. Guinea pigs drink MUCH more than a hamster would, so generally you would need a larger bottle. Also, if you used this bottle for a hamster previously, you would need to make sure it was cleaned well before using it with another animal.

What do you do if your hamster does not drink?

Your hamster probably does drink. If you don't believe me , it's a ctualley a fact that hamsters drink very low ammounts of water.

What should you give your baby pet rat to drink?

Well, I was told at the pet store, to give my baby hamster a water bottle filled with (what else!) water. A 4-6 oz. Bottle should be good. Hope this helps!

What do hamstersneed in their cage when you clean them out?

Well, they need a hamster wheel for excercising with, food, which I recommend to be put in a bowl, a plastic hamster water bottle for the hamster to drink from, play toys for the hamster to play with and lastly, you need to have wood chips on the ground, so that the hamster's feet will be protected.

Do dogs drink from a bottle or drink from a bowl?

Well, as people know they drink from a bowl but, I have seen a dog drink from a water bottle before!