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well if a female and males meet then they can make babies.

that's why horses can have babies.

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What are the babies of a horse?


What gender does a sea-horse have babies?

the male is the one who has the babies the male sea horse is the one who has the babies at all times the female is the food saplier

How does horse have its babyies?

a horse has babies from mating once (ped)

How many babies ca a sea horse have?

a seahorse can have a thousand of babies

What is horse babies name?

A foal

When does a horse get milk?

when the're babies

Were does a sea horse have its babies?


What is a horse babies called?


What are the babies of horse called?


Do horses have their babies on land?

Horses can have there babies on land, but if the owner wants there horse to have a baby in a barn or somewhere they would keep it there until the horse has the babies (the owner will know round about what month the baby or babies are coming.)

How do horses clean their babies?

horse clean their babies by licking all of the slimy stuff and a bit of blood of the babies.

How does a horse have babies?

Just like humans

How many babies does a horse have a year?


How many babies does a horse have in one year?

it depends

How many babies can a horse be?

A horse can start having babies at about 3-5 years. Typically, a horse has one baby every year of it's life after it's ready to have babies. On very rare occasions do horses have twins. Usually, breeders stop horses from breeding when they turn 20.

What is a horse called without any babies?

it depends on the age.

What do you call a boy horse who cant make babies?

a gelding

What male animal hatches babies in his mouth?

Sea horse

How long will horse have there babies in the belly fior?

11 months

How long does it take horse to have it babies?

330 to 350 days

Whats a Male horse?

a male horse that is nutered is called a gelding a male horse that can produce babies is called a stallion a young male horse is called a colt

What are horse babies called?

foals i know because im awesome

How much babies does horse produce in one time?

usually one

How a wild horse as babies grow and how thay are cared for?

They are cared for by their mums!

What part of the male sea horse does the baby sea horse come from?

Actually, the female seahorse delivers the babies, right after fertilization, but the male seahorse, carries the babies for the 9 (or however long) months.

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