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How does a hospital operate?

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Where can you find surgeons that will operate on 14 yr olds?

you can find many seurgons at your local hospital

What is the purpose of a hospital emergency disaster response plan?

For INTERNAL disasters, to minimize the chance of injury or death, and permit the facility to continue to operate. For EXTERNAL disasters, to permit the facility to continue to operate, and to provide medical care to the largest number of persons possible.

A father and son in the car get into an accident father dies instanly his son is brought the hospital the doctor replys icannot operate on this child why?

Because the doctor is the son's mother.

What is the verb of operation?

The verb of operation is operate.As in "to operate on something".An example sentence is "we need to operate on his tumour".Or "can you operate the forklift?"

A man and his son are going hunting the boy gets hurt and the man rushes him to the hospital the doctor says 'i can't operate on this boy he is my son' who was the doctor?

His mother.

What is the future tense of operate?

The future tense of "operate" is "will operate"

What is a role of a hospital administartors?

Hospital administrators manage hospitals through their supervising daily operations of the hospital, ensuring that they operate efficiently while providing proper medical care to patients. Administrators also serve as "middle persons" between medical boards, staff, and department heads while also maintaining the latest knowledge regarding medicinal developments and procedures.

Who is in charge of an OBGYN?

Most specialist doctors are either independent small business owners, or operate in partnership with other doctors. Either way, they're more or less in charge of themselves. With respect to their rights to practice at a particular hospital, that's determined by a hospital administrator or administrative board.

Where do you find penicillin?


A man has just been in an accident with his son and is killed The son survives and is taken to hospital but when the surgeon comes in they say they can't operate on the child. Who is the surgeon?

The surgeon is the mother of the child.

Routers operate at layer LAN switches operate at layer Ethernet hubs operate at layer?

Routers operate at layer 3. LAN switches operate at layer 2. Ethernet hubs operate at layer 1.

What is the word hidden in your hospital?


Where does oxfam operate?

they operate in hong kong

What is the root word of cooperation?


A boy was rushed to the hospital emergency roomThe Er doctor saw the boy and said you cannot operate on this boy He is my son But the doctor was not the boys father How could that be?

The doctor was the boys mother.

How many hospitals are there in Adelaide?

There are 28 total Hospitals in Adelaide rural and metro areas. They are: Ashford Hospital Burnside War Memorial Hospital Calvary Hospital Adelaide Inc. Calvary Wakefield Hospital Glenelg Community Hospital Lyell McEwin Hospital McLaren Vale and Districts War Memorial Hospital Modbury Hospital North Eastern Community Hospital Incorporated The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Repatriation General Hospital Royal Adelaide Hospital St Andrew's Hospital Women's and Children's Hospital Ardrossan Community Hospital Booleroo Centre District Hospital & Health Service Crystal Brook District Hospital Coober Pedy Hospital Cummins And District Memorial Hospital Hawker Hospital Mount Barker Soldiers Memorial Hospital Murray Bridge Soldiers Memorial Hospital Quorn Hospital South Coast District Hospital Tailem Bend District Hospital Tumby Bay Hospital and Health Services Whyalla Hospital and Health Services Woomera Community Hospital

Is there a hospital in Lagos named Gateway Hospital?

is er een hospital genaamd gateway hospital

What part of speech is the word hospital?

Hospital is a noun.Hospital is a noun. It can also be used as an adjective as in the hospital cafeteria.Hospital is a noun. It can also be used as an adjective as in the hospital cafeteria.

How does a windmill operate?

How does a windmill operate? < this guy is stupid

How do you operate virtual DJ?

how to operate virtual dj???

On which port does telnet operate?

On which port does telnet operate

What is a correct prefix to add to operate?


What is answer of Operate in abstract noun?


What is the highest position of hospital?

Chief of Hospital Hospital Director

Where in a hospital is the morgue located?

Depends on the Hospital, but at my hospital its in the basement.

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