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How does a human leg work?

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The Human Leg works by the brain. you will teach yourself when you are younger and you will be able to work. the human leg works by your brain the brain muscle controls wat you do with leg. This answer is wrong, dont ever trust a wiki site...

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How are human leg and bird leg different?

Human leg: on a human Bird leg: on a bird

How does the tiblua work in the human body?

it moves your leg in a particular way.

What is the difference between a chicken leg and a human leg?

we dont eat human leg but we eat chicken leg

How many bones in human leg?

There are 4 bones in the human leg. The Femur, Tibia, Fibula, and the Patella. This includes the bones in the lower and upper human leg.

On average how many hairs are on a human leg?

around 1 million legs are usually on an average human leg. proffessor leg.

Can cats grab your leg like a human can?

no, I am sure a cat can not grad your leg like a human, but they can grab your leg with both of there paws.

Differences of frog leg and human leg?

Frogs penis is located in the leg muscle

What is the thinnest bone in the human leg?

The thinnest bone in the human leg is the Fibula... fibula, below the knee

What country is shaped like a human leg?

The country map shaped like human leg is ITALY.

How many bones is in the human leg?

There are four bones in the human leg. There are the femur, patella, fibula and tibia.

What is the duration of Leg Work?

The duration of Leg Work is 3600.0 seconds.

How does human legs work?

the leg works by moving it , also know as using your brain to move your body that it how it works!!

Is a human leg prothesis an example of technology or science?

Both. Technology for the manufacturing of the prosthetic, science for the knowledge of how it should work.

What part of your leg begins with a f?

The femur bone is in the leg. It is in the human thigh. It is both the longest bone in the human body.

Does the human arm have more bones than the human leg?


Another name for a leg?

A human leg could be referred to as a lower extremity.

How many bones are in the human upper leg?

how many bones have in your upper leg

How many femur bones are in the human body?

there are 2 bones in human body .one in right leg and other in left leg.

How many joints are in a human leg?

In the leg itself (disregarding either end of the leg), one; the knee joint.

What is the longest part of the human body?

The leg. The torso is slightly shorter than the leg.

What leg muscle does soccer work?

mainly your right leg

What happens when your main artery in the leg is damaged?

leg does not work

What is the thinnest human leg bone?


Where is the Illiotibial band on the human body?

the leg

What is the smallest muscle in your leg?

The plantaris is the smallest muscle in the human leg. It is used to flex the knee joint and is absent in about 7 percent of the human population.