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How does a judgment work in Texas?

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This is my understanding of Judgement laws in Texas.

First you have to be served, sued, and have your day in court.

!. Your wages cannot be garnished except for child support, student loans ( federaly

backed), and federal debt ( taxes).

A. It is possible that, if your wages origrnate in another state and mailed to Texas,

the judgement could POSSIBLY be executed in that state.

2. Your bank account can be siezed, but only after a judgement is granted.

3. A spouse ( hince their pre-marital assets ) is not responsible for debts incurred

before the marriage ( as long as their name has not been added to anything, such

as a user on a credit card, etc )

4. Your personal property has exemption up to certain amounts.

5. Your car is exempt if you have only one.

6. Your homested is exempt ( A lien could possibly be placed, but no forced sale)

I am not a legal whiz, but you can find answers to these and many other questions on

If any has any corrections or additions, please post

== == In a civil suit a default judgment is entered in favor of the plaintiff when the defendant does not appear at the hearing. When a creditor has been awarded a judgment against the debtor the creditor can execute the writ according to the laws of the debtor's state. The preferred methods of enforcing a creditor judgment is by wage garnishment or bank account levy.

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In the state of Texas what happens after a default judgment?

A default judgment is nothing more than a judgment obtained because defendant did not show up for court. In Texas, when a default judgment is entered, the petitioner gets all that they have asked for.

Can an Oklahoma creditor garnish your wages when you work and live in Texas?

If they have a valid judgment against you in Oklahoma, absolutely. The Constitution requires states to give "full faith and credit" to the judgments of other states. Your creditor could simply go to a Texas court with a copy of the Oklahoma judgment, and get it enforced.

Can a judge in Ohio order your bank in Texas to levy your account?

Under the full faith and credit law the judgment creditor (holder) can obtain an exemplified copy of the judgment from the clerk of the court in the district where the judgment was awarded.The judgment holder then sends the document(s) to the clerk of the court's office in the county/city and state where the judgment debtor resides. The judgment will then be executed in the manner stated, (garnishment, lien, bank account levy, etc.).Texas does allow bank account levies by judgment creditors. Therefore, a Texas magistrate will sign the "foreign" judgment and canorder it enforced as a bank account levy.

Can a payday loan company garnish with a judgment IN TEXAS?


What are the laws in Texas for wage garnishment?

Texas only allows wage garnishment if there is no other manner in which the judgment creditor can execute the judgment (bank levy, seizure and sale of unexempt property, lien against real property owned by the judgment debtor).

Can a loan company file a judgment in Texas?

Any creditor who is owed money and for whom the contract has not been honored by the borrower can file for a judgment in Texas and every other state of the US. Whether or not the creditor will receive that judgment is a matter up to the courts, however the judgment typically goes in favor of the creditor.

Do you work in Texas?

No, I do not work in Texas.

How do you collect on a judgment Texas?

A Judgment can be collected by issuing a Writ of Execution. Also, a Abstract of Judgment can be filed in the County Clerks office. if the person comes into any monies in the future, the Abstract of Judgment will be satisfied

How long does a judgment stay on Texas credit report?

how long does personal judgement stay on credit in texas

Can your checking account in Texas be garnished due to a debt in another State?

The creditor would need to obtain a lawsuit judgment from the Texas court before wage garnishment would be allowed. Texas only allows garnishment of wages when there are no other means for a judgment creditor to collect a debt owed. If a judgment has already been entered against the debtor in a different state, the judgment creditor can place a "foreign" judgment lien against property owned by the debtor.

Can you be sued in Texas and have your wages garnished?

Hi there. I am a Texas collection attorney. You can have your wages garnished in Texas ONLY for child or spousal support. That's what the Texas Constitution says. So if you are not being sued for child or spousal support, your wages cannot be garnished to satisfy a judgment. Hope this helps. Good luck. Although Texas does have a statute that prevents wage garnishment by a judgment creditor there is an exception if no other method is available for the creditor to execute said judgment. This means that if the judgment debtor does not have personal or real property (bank account, real estate, etc.) that can be attached or liquidated to satisfy the judgment amount wage garnishment is possible.

How do you get a judgment lien on a bank account?

If you have a judgment, you can work with your attorney to craft a lien on a bank account for no more than the judgment amount.

Why won't the credit bureau remove a realized judgment in Texas?

55.6 INR

How old do you have to be to work in Texas?

you can work in Texas at the age of fifteen.

Can a person's wages or bank account be garnished for credit card debt in Texas?

Texas allows bank account levy by a creditor judgment. Wage garnishment is only allowed if the creditor does not have any other means of executing the judgment.

When a home is foreclosed on in Florida can the borrower's wages be garnished for any sale deficit if the borrower is living in Texas?

Texas allows wage garnishment by the judgment creditor if there are no other means of the judgment holder collecting the monies that are duly owed.

How long will a judgment in Texas that was filed in 2003 stay on your credit report?

I am not familiar with Texas law. The federal statute of limitations is 7 years from the date the judgment was rendered, unless there is a state law that superceeds this statute. Then it would be "whichever is longer".

How long does a judgment stay on credit report in Texas?

The state of residence is not applicable when it relates to credit reports. A judgment will remain on the CR for seven years, but judgments are renewable and therefore if it is renewed it can be reentered on the judgment debtor's CR

What are the factors affecting auditors judgment?

the work of comeplexity

Why can't credit card collectors take you to court in Texas?

Creditors have the legal option to sue a debtor for default in financial contracts in Texas and every other U.S. state. However, Texas has a rather unusual statute which does not allow a judgment creditor to garnish the judgment debtor's wages unless there are no other options for collecting the debt. A judgment creditor can, levy a bank account, place a lien on real property, request liquidation of non exempt property, such as stocks, bonds, etc. owned by the judgment debtor.

Can wages be garnished if you live in Texas?

No Texas does not allow wages to be garnished, however the person or company can get a judgment against you and take the money from your bank account.

Does a judgment have to be paid off before you can refinance your home in Texas?

This is the decision of the bank. But it is very likely as a judgment is a black mark on your record. It is also likely if you have good credit otherwise and the refinance is to pay off the judgment it will not hurt your chances.

Can a judgment be taken from your 401K account in Texas if that is all you have?

Generally speaking, 401k's are protected from judgements.

Are bank account levies allowed in Texas?

Yes, Texas allows a judgment creditor to execute a bank account levy, even if the account is jointly held.

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