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How does a kite work?

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2009-11-03 16:38:06

A kite can fly because it is held by a string while the wind

pushes it up. As the string prevents the kite from being blown

away, the wind pressure builds up against the kite's sail and lifts

it up in the air.

If the kite is well balanced, it will climb up until it reaches

a stable position where all the forces involved are evened:

- the upward lift force from the wind pressure

- the downward forces of weight of the kite, of the weight of

the line, of the wind pressure on the line, and of course the

downward force of your pull on the line

It you let go the line, the kite runs away, as if it was in a

riverflow, and soon reaches the same speed as the wind. Then there

is no longer any relative wind pressure to hold it up, so it will

start falling.

But if you stop the line and hold it, it will go up again!

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