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with her (or his) eyes. They have classic insect (faceted) eyes. Like most insects they have a single pair of compound eyes, composed of many individual units, nameded ommatidia.

the link below gives more expansive information

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Is a girl ladybird lighter then male ladybirds?

Yes,Because from seeing the picture of a male and a female ladybird we see that the girl ladybird is ligther than the male ladybirds.

When was Ladybird Ladybird created?

Ladybird Ladybird was created in 1744.

What does a ladybird symbolize?

The ladybird, or ladybug, is appreciated because it helps crops by eating pest insects. See the added link.

Is a ladybird a carnivore?

No, A Ladybird Is Not A Carnivore.

How does a ladybird kill?

A Ladybird does not kill

Is there a yellow ladybird?

Yes, there is such a thing as yellow ladybird and there is also such a thing as a an orange ladybird.

Is a ladybird a herbivore?

A. Yes, a ladybird is a herbivore

How heavy is a Ladybird?

A ladybird weighs 35mg.

Is a ladybird an insect or not?

yes a ladybird is a bug

Is a ladybird bug and a beetle the same?

refine your question do you mean is there a ladybird bug and a ladybird bettle

How can you differentiate ladybird and ladybug?

There is no difference between ladybird and ladybug except the area that you live! In the English language it is called a ladybird, in the American language it is called the ladybird.

Is a ladybird vertebrate or invertebrate?

The ladybird or ladybug is an invertebrate.

Are ladybird invertebrates or vertebrates?

a ladybird is a invertebrate as it has no backbone.

Is a ladybird a fly?

A ladybird (Coccinellidae) is a flying beetle.

Is a ladybird classed as a beetle?

A ladybird is a beetle, of the family Coccinellidae.

Where does a ladybird live?

A ladybird lives in a tree (any tree)

What family does the ladybird come from?

The ladybird is a beetle of the family Coccinellidae.

When was Ladybird Books created?

Ladybird Books was created in 1867.

Is ladybird a flie?

A ladybird (Coccinellidae) is a flying beetle, and is not a fly.

How old can a ladybird get?

you can tell how old a ladybird is by how many spots it has :for esample if a ladybird has 3 spots it is 3 years old

How do you tell if a ladybird is a boy or a girl?

hi my name is dilbagh sing I wondered how you can tell boy ladybird from a girl ladybird?

Were does a ladybird live?

a ladybird lives in a tree on plants and caan fly !

What is a young ladybird called?

A young ladybird beetle is called a larva.

Can you give me a Metaphor for a ladybird?

the ladybird was the shape of a strawberry trotting around

What does it mean to have a ladybird on your car window?

It means you have a ladybird on your car window.