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Very well, if it is indeed a legal contract. If it was legally signed and witnessed, notirized, and recorded at the County courthouse - it's legal and binding.

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Q: How does a legal agreement for a property ownership work?
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Why must private ownership of property be guaranteed before a free market economy will work?

Private ownership of property is essential to a free market economy. Without private ownership of property a free market economy cannot exist.

How does it work if you own property in South Carolina and you get divorced who gets the property?

That will be decided by agreement of the parties or by the judge if the parties cannot agree.

Is it legal to implement or ban smoking on private property out doors and in your own vehicle at the work place?

no it is not legal

Can you apply a lien against an apartment for work that was done?

Yes. You can if you have a contract with the owner of the property. You should seek legal advice.Yes. You can if you have a contract with the owner of the property. You should seek legal advice.Yes. You can if you have a contract with the owner of the property. You should seek legal advice.Yes. You can if you have a contract with the owner of the property. You should seek legal advice.

How does an addendum work when selling a house or purchasing a house?

An addendum is a legal document that is attached to a pre-existing legal document. It adds other terms and provisions to the original agreement. An addendum can modify or amend the original agreement. Once signed by the parties it has the same legal effect. In a real estate transaction the original document would be the Purchase and Sale Agreement. An addendum to a P&S Agreement can address issues such as financing, the contingency listing of the buyer's property, payment terms if there is to be seller financing, agreement to maintain the grounds until buyer takes possession, agreement that the seller pay for the homeowner title policy, extension of closing date, homeowner's insurance, etc.

How is property split during a legal separation or divorce How do couples work out a property division?

There are laws about how property should be divided when a relationship breaks down. The Family Law Act sets out what the court will consider when determining how property should be divided. You should get legal advice before dividing your property.

What legal mechanism protects the owners of intellectual property from having their work copied by others?


Is it legal to work on trees on your property without a permit?

Yes, as long as the tree is entirly on your own property. If it falls and causes damage to a neighbor's property, though, you can be held completly liable for it.

Can a repo man enter a work place that is private property?

Not unless he has a legal warrant signed by the court

Can a house be resolved and the arrears paid after it is repossessed?

It is possible to work out a deal with the bank after it is repossessed. However, a new loan or legal agreement will have to be signed.

Can a title be a abstract noun?

Yes, the noun "title" is an abstract noun as a word for the legal right of ownership of something; a word for a concept.The noun "title" is a concrete noun as a designation of a person based on gender, marital status, educational status, or professional status; the name of a written work, a work of art, etc.; a word for a document that is evidence of a legal right of ownership; a word for the person or thing.

Free Rental Agreement Templates For Landlords?

Landlords are best prepared to be protected financially when they have a lease or rental agreement signed by a tenant before the tenant takes possession of the property. Once a tenant moves into an apartment, loft, or rental house, it can be difficult for the landlord to have a solid legal standing if a rental agreement has not been signed. A free rental agreement template can be downloaded online and can be a valuable assistance to the landlord. In addition to helping to protect the landlord, these agreements also give the tenant legal rights as well. A rental agreement is also commonly referred to as a lease. The lease is signed by both the landlord and the tenant or tenants and it covers financial agreements as well as living conditions and maintenance for the rented property. If a landlord has a lease or rental agreement in place, he or she will be legally protected if there is a dispute with the tenant. A dispute between landlord and a tenant can arise over many different reasons. Common items listed in a rental agreement or lease include stating who is in charge of repairs and maintenance to the property or apartment, what appliances are included in the rental and who retains ownership of the items, loud noise and parking clauses, late fees, early payment reductions, and term of lease. When these items are covered in a rental agreement, and are signed by both parties, in most states the terms listed become legally binding. Some states will require a notary in order for the lease to be legally binding; and other states will have some exceptions that are based around fair leasing laws. To ensure he or she will be protected and the property will be protected, a landlord can download a free rental agreement template, have it viewed by an attorney, and then use it for rental purposes as a legal document. Free legal documents and templates for documents can be found online through a variety of reputable sources. It is important to review the document template thoroughly or to make the necessary changes to it before using it for legal reasons for a business or personal reasons. Thorough research will help a person to be able to make an educated and informed decision on which type of legal document template will work best for a particular situation.

How does a surety agreement work in a real estate mortgage in case of foreclosure?

It may be enforced through a lawsuit if the foreclosed property is not sufficient to pay the actual debt.

What holidays do lawyers get off?

Depends on whom they work for. If they're in private practice, any holiday they want. If they work for a firm, it's in their employment agreement, and if they work for the government, it's in the contract. In addition to the Federal legal holidays.

What is the spanish translation of 'to have'?

It could be "deber" or "tener"."I have to go to work" (obligation)Debo ir al trabajo"I have two cars" (property, ownership)"Tengo dos autos"

If you marry a Chinese national can you own Chinese property in china?

You don't have to marry a Chinese national to own property in China. It is legal for any legitimate foreigners to own property in China. Though legal,the procedure and document work may be complicated.For more information,you may want to consult local consulate or your friends.

What kind of skills do intellectual property lawyers need in their line of work?

Intellectual property lawyers need to have many skills for their line of work. To prepare for their career, they are taught analytical skills, research in regard to legal matters, writing, and case briefing.

Work for Hire Agreement?

Get StartedThe Work for Hire Agreement is a document under which a "Service Provider" contracts to provide services for a "Company." Under this agreement, the Service Provider is an independent contractor with respect to the Company, and not an employee of the Company. This Agreement should not be used if the Service Provider is really an employee of the Company. In many respects, the Work for Hire Agreement is simply a short-form version of a Consulting Agreement.The Work for Hire Agreement should be signed by both parties and becomes effective as of the date inserted at the beginning of the Agreement.

Is work intensive or extensive property?

work is a path function.It is not property.

What is the legal date of publication?

Under the definition in the US copyright law: "Publication" is the distribution of copies or phonorecords of a work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending.

What are the significance of conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the quasi-legal process of transferring ownership of a property from one person to another. I say "quasi-legal" because in truth, the conveyancing process is mostly an administrative task (only about 20% of the work requires any real legal expertise). This may sound simplistic but nevertheless it is accurate; "The primary objective of conveyancing is to make sure buyers are buying what they think they're buying" - That really is the core of the matter and why conveyancing is significant (certainly with regard to the purchase of a house).

Why do people copyright their work?

To establish ownership of their work, and preserve their financial rights.

What is the most fundamental right of the private enterprise system?

Freedom of choice is a fundamental right of individuals who work in a private enterprise system. The ownership of property and profits are also fundamental rights of the system.

If you fall off your roof and can't work will home owners insurance cover you?

No, your homeowner's policy covers sudden, unexpected damage to your structure and its contents and legal liability to other. It does not cover you medically.You might consider some disability insurance.

What rights do squatters have in Utah?

As an out of state remote owner of property in Utah with a long history of flakey tenents, My thought is that squatters have the obligation to work an pay for ownership like those of us who legally obtain deed for property. Otherwise they have the right to crawl off and die.