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One on each end either simultaneously or separately

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Q: How does a lesbian couple use a double-ended dildo?
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What can i do to sexually satisfy my lesbian lover?

You could use a dildo, a strapon dildo, fingering, aural sex, or a variety of other things.

If a lesbian couple marries are they Miss or Mrs?

They can use any title they want. Most prefer Ms.

Can a lesbian couple get one another pregnant?

No, because a woman requires sperm to fertilize the egg cell. To get pregnant, lesbian couples use a sperm donor.

How do women masterbaite?

they use a dildo

How do you improve your sexual health?

Jack-off or use a dildo if u don't have a dildo finger yourself

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A vibrating cell phone, a banana, cucumber, a dildo, your finger, a carrot, dildo, sausage, and lots more. etc.

What items can a man use to massage his prostate?

a dildo..

How do you use a dildo on a tight vagina?

You do not force things.

How do girls become shemales?

some girls (sometimes lesbians) really want a penis (why use a dildo when you can have the real thing that can impregnate your lesbian lovers) but i suppose they want to keep there breasts so they surgically get a "male genitalia" attached

How do you use a didlo with a man?

You could use a dildo with a man in a few ways, two such ways are:You [as a female] would use the dildo on yourself while he watched.You [as a female] would anally penetrate the man with said dildo.

Can a woman use a porcupine as a dildo?

Only if it quills her lust.

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you can wright with it and even use it as a dildo # ghhhhhd

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buy her a dildo and use it on her

What do girls use instead of a dildoh?

A dildo maybe? lol.

Can you use a curling iron as a dildo?

yes, but please do NOT turn it on!

What is ice docking?

It is urban slang for freezing a turd for use as a dildo.

What to do with the telescope in Club Penguin the mission Avelange Rescue?

Use it as a dildo.

Can you use ice as a dildo?

Yes you can it helps the female to reach her climax.

How can a lesbian pop her girlfriends cherry?

Really, it's just having full sex for the first time, so use tongue, fingers or a dildo, but if you want to do it literally as in breaking her hymen you'll need a vibe or a dildo. If it's her first time at all or first time with another chick it's more important she has a good time

What can a girl use as a substitution of a penis?

she could use any kind of a sex toy she could use a dildo

What equipment did Christopher Columbus use when he went to the Bahamas?

Hey used a dildo.

What can girls do to pop their cherry?

Have sex with a boy use a dildo or sex toy

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of course after baking it. put a condom over it :]