How does a lesbian couple use a double-ended dildo?


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One on each end either simultaneously or separately


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You could use a dildo, a strapon dildo, fingering, aural sex, or a variety of other things.

No, because a woman requires sperm to fertilize the egg cell. To get pregnant, lesbian couples use a sperm donor.

They can use any title they want. Most prefer Ms.

You could use a dildo with a man in a few ways, two such ways are:You [as a female] would use the dildo on yourself while he watched.You [as a female] would anally penetrate the man with said dildo.

Jack-off or use a dildo if u don't have a dildo finger yourself

A vibrating cell phone, a banana, cucumber, a dildo, your finger, a carrot, dildo, sausage, and lots more. etc.

Really, it's just having full sex for the first time, so use tongue, fingers or a dildo, but if you want to do it literally as in breaking her hymen you'll need a vibe or a dildo. If it's her first time at all or first time with another chick it's more important she has a good time

some girls (sometimes lesbians) really want a penis (why use a dildo when you can have the real thing that can impregnate your lesbian lovers) but i suppose they want to keep there breasts so they surgically get a "male genitalia" attached

you can wright with it and even use it as a dildo # ghhhhhd

buy her a dildo and use it on her

yes, but please do NOT turn it on!

Only if it quills her lust.

It is urban slang for freezing a turd for use as a dildo.

Have sex with a boy use a dildo or sex toy

of course after baking it. put a condom over it :]

Why would you want to, I just use it as a dildo.

yes, just take your time, dont force it, use a lubricant and wash it afterwards, or use a condom

Well buy a 9 inch dildo and use it a lot.

Get them a sexy woman picture for the wall, scabble,basket of fruits, membership card that they could use together, dildo or stap on. Please. Just get them the same kind of gift you would give them, if you didn't know their sexual orientation, unless that was appropriate to the situation. That is, if you're giving them a gift intended for a sexual situation, then, by all means, consider the fact they are lesbians. Otherwise, being lesbians should have NO impact on what you pick.

Yes, a man can use the grounds for a divorce that his wife is a lesbian as long as she is and you can prove it.

It may hurt if you've never masturbated with a dildo or sex toy and it may not always bleed which is a common misconception. But you still shouldn't have sex until you feel comfortable with your partner and be safe use a condom or dental dam EVEN with gay or lesbian relations.

If your a girl you can masturbate, or you can use a dildo. If your a boy try to masturbate on a Teddy bear or something.

A spotted, fluffy dildo. And if that doesn't work, rub some bacon on it.

yes if you use a dildo or something you can even by fingering if you do it far enough

You insert one penis or dildo in the anus and one in the vagina. Be careful and use lube.

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