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usually either with some very lame excuse, or a multitude of apologies, and "it didn't mean anything" or "I'll change" they get desperate and try to bargain but when it comes down to it, if they have done it once, it is highly likely they will do it again.

AnswerHe either apologies profusely if he wants to save the marriage, or it may be his exit affair. An easy way out of a marriage for him. But then again, human nature is kind of hard to predict. Denialits not just a river in Egypt, expect to get it as a first response. AnswerSome men when caught will be arrogant about it and throw it right in your face! My first husband did. Some men think it's a game and are delusional enough to think the majority of women will fight for them. I didn't I tied a red bow on his butt and kicked him in the direction of his mistress!


From my past experience all hell broke loose. The lying starts and sticks with his story. He have the look that his world is finally ending. The shocked in his face was priceless. He was given a chance to tell his side of story and everything he said was all lies. He accused his mistress that it was her that seduce him, it was her that made the first move, and this is a man who fell in love with this married woman.

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Q: How does a man react after he's been caught cheating?
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