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How does a metabolism influence certain behaviors?

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Do superstitions influence behaviors?


How do values and attitudes influence behaviors?


Why psychologist are study with human biology?

Psychology places a special emphasis on human biology. The brain can influence and actually cause certain behaviors through brain chemistry.

What is the influence to take on behaviors and beliefs or of your peers?

Peer Pressure

What personal factors influence driving attitude and behaviors?


How personality and experiences influence behavior?

A person's experiences influence their personality, which in turn determines the behaviors of this person.

Sentence of metabolism?

Here is a sentence with the word metabolism, "There are certain enzymes that are essential for metabolism to take place." This is one of the digestive processes.

What abiotic factors have the greatest influence on metabolism rates?


Do mollusks learn or inherit their behavior?

They may learn certain behaviors, but most behaviors such as eat and moving are inherited.

What is the relevance of sociology?

The relevance of sociology is seen in the explanation of certain social behaviors. This will focus on the origin and development of these social behaviors.

How does psychological and cultural factors influence perception?

it affects the emotions and behaviors of individual..

What is the difference between direct tools and indirect tools of government?

Direct tools of government include making actual laws to curtail certain behaviors. Indirect tools of government include placing taxes on certain behaviors in order to discourage those behaviors.

Detail the For and Against arguments for innate and learned behaviors?

Innate and learned behaviors are behaviors that are either known at birth or learned afterwards. Some people believe that certain behaviors are innate or that they are learned from adults of the same species.

What is the role of Darwin theory of evolution in under standing behavior?

The role is everything to understanding behavior. Natural selection has a great deal to do with the selection of behaviors that are reproductively successful over behaviors that are not. This is against the background of environmental influence. Some behaviors do not work as well in certain environments as others and all behavior is environmentally influenced, but all inheritance is " hard " inheritance through the genes.

Why is smoking a risky behaviors for adolescents?

If you are a parent, you have a vital role in helping your child avoid risky behaviors, including smoking. In fact, you are the single most important influence on your child's decisions about risky behaviors.

What type thinking and behavior is caused by the male DNA?

There is no true inherent behaviors that are inherited, they are learned via culture and observation. But physiological and hormonal effects can influence how men and women think a certain way.

Who decides that certain types of behaviors are anti-social?


What does government enact to encourage certain behaviors and punish others?


Prohibiting certain behaviors that arguably shouldn't be prohibited is referred to as?

A: Overcriminalization

What is An explanation for certain behaviors or occurrences which have happened or will happen?

scientific theory.

What is inborn error of metabolism?

Inborn error of metabolism is a rare enzyme deficiency; children with inborn errors of metabolism do not have certain enzymes that the body requires to maintain organ functions.

What was the main idea in the Epic of Gilgamesh?

There are certain behaviors associated with civilized life.

Does the pituitary gland encompasses hormones that influence growth metabolism reproduction and water balance?


What is the role of thyroxine in humans?

Thyroxine is a metabolism regulator. Its reactions and products influence carbohydrate metabolism, protein synthesis and breakdown, and cardiovascular, renal, and brain function.

What are some Innate animal behaviors?

Behaviors that are closely controlled by genes and not the environmental influence are called innate behaviors. Some examples of innate behaviors in animals include: spiders spinning a web, dolphins jumping above the waves, caterpillars making a cocoon, and birds building nests and migrating.