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Common metal detectors work by sending out a radiofrequency energy signal. This frequency will change slightly when the 'antenna' is in close proximity of various metals.

Many metals will absorb this energy. The detector notices this absorption and can these days indicate what metal it is and even the distance to the metal.

Some metals also reflect this energy signal and when a reflection is picked up, this can also be used to indicate type and size of metal object.

High tech detectors use a combination of many methods of which increases its accuracy drastically.

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Basically,in the case of metal detectors used to search the ground, a signal pattern is transmitted from the search coil into the ground. When the signal comes in contact with metal, there will either be an audio signal, a flashing light, or vibration.The same applies for metal detectors used in security checks.

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What year was the metal detector invented and by who?

what year was the metal detector invented and by who

What are the difference between sensor and metal detector?

metal detector is sensor

Does a metal detector work only for ferrous alloys?

Metal detectors can detect and other metals or alloys.

What metal can a metal detector not detect?

A metal detector can detect all types of metal....depending on in what type of soil it is in.

How do you bypass a metal detector with weed on you?

A metal detector will not find vegetable matter.

When was the metal detector made?

The metal detector was invented in 1931 by Gerhard Fisher.

Can you make a metal detector out of a calculator and a radio?

You can build a metal detector using an AM radio and Calculator.But it is not sure that it will work or not.My brother had made metal detector using an AM radio and calculator two months ago,first it doesn't work at all but than he made some changes than it began working.Gurjot Singh Sodhi

How do metal detectors work?

The metal detector is device to spot hidden metal. It works on Th principle of disturbance in magnetic filed. The detector has magnetic coil through which an alternating current is passed producing magnetic field. When the hidden metal comes within the range of this field then the eddy current is produced in this metal creating its own magnetic field which is detected by metal detector.

Metal detector model zalota from Russia?

is there any metal detector company by the name "Zealot"

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In 1881, Alexander Graham Bell invented the first metal detector

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A basic metal detector will not tell the difference.

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it depends if the inhaler is metal

Can a metal detector detect LITHIUM in cell phone batteries when you walk through a metal detector?

maybe. ask the person running the detector.

Where can you use a metal detector?

Depending on which sort of metal detector you are using, it can have a strong detector which with a strong one you can use on grass and mud , but weak source of detector might not pick that up.

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How do you get metal through metal detectors?

In general, you can't get metal through metal detectors. Only the smallest bits of metal will not cause a metal detector to alarm. If the sensitivity of the detector is set too high, it may be possible to get a small piece of metal past the detector, but that is something that cannot be counted on.

How do I tell what type of metal my metal detector is responding to?

Metal detectors are different and my main advice would be to look into the manual of the metal detector you purchased. Sometimes there are settings where you can configure your detector to only respond to certain metal characteristics. If you got a really basic metal detector one of the prime methods is to simply investigate by digging up the object in question.

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where can I get a user guide for the zennox GC 1006 metal detector

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He was 33 years old when he invented the metal detector.

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