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Any of several tropical American monkeys of the genus Ateles, having long legs and a long prehensile tail and lacking a thumb. because its strong tail lets it have an exra arm near enough

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How do Kinkajou's adapt to their environment?

A Kinkajou has a long tail which helps it swings on trees like a monkey . (:

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How do robins adapt to its environment

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A rainforest does not adapt to it's environment; it created the environment in which it's in.

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How did Jamestown colonists adapt to their environment?

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The desert is the environment. It does not adapt. Organisms in an ecosystem adapt to the environment.

How did the southern colonies adapt to their environment?

They did not adapt to their environment . . . they settled there because the environment that they wanted was there, already.

What could happen to a species of animals if they did not adapt to their environment?

Animals that don't adapt to their environment die out (at worst) or move out of that area to an environment they can adapt to.

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Why do animals need to adapt themselves to their environment?

animals need to adapt to there environment because if there environment was changed and they didn't adapt to it they would all die

How do cobras adapt in their environment?

they adapt with their surroundings

How do the lions adapt to their environment?

Lions can adapt to their hot, humid environment by shading themselves they also adapt by changing their diet

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Bats adapt to it's environment by screeching at its surroundings to get used to it.

How do chameleons adapt to the environment?

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How do jamaicans adapt to their environment?

Jamaicans adapt ta there environment by making something good out of it.

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