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How does a musical keyboard work?

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with electronic stuff and some wires

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What is a keyboard instrument?

A keyboard instrument is any musical instrument played using a musical keyboard. Examples are pianos, organs, and electronic musical instruments.In common language, it is mostly used to refer to keyboard-style synthesizers.

How much does a musical keyboard cost?

A musical keyboard costs differently deppending on the make and model. but roughly most musical keyboards cost £100 to £200.

What is the best type musical keyboard?

The Yamaha 49 keys keyboard is the best keyboard in the world.

Which of these terms is a synonym for the term manual as it is used in relation to a musical instrument?


Is a clavichord a combination of a keyboard and percussion musical instrument?

Keyboard instrument

Who was the inventor of the first musical keyboard?

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What is a synthesizer?

A musical instrument [ keyboard ] that can imitate many other musical instruments.

What country was the keyboard invented in?

The country that the keyboard was invented in depends on which type of keyboard. The musical keyboard and computer keyboards were invented in different countries.

What is a musical keyboard?

1.A musical keyboard is an electronic imitation of the piano. 2. A keyboard is an electronic piano, It has black and white keys running along it, when you push one of those keys, the keyboard will perform a musical sound (note). A keyboard also changes sounds so when you play it sounds like other instruments such as;Guitar, Strings, Saxophone and others

How many keys are on a musical keyboard?


What are the musical notes of the entertainer on keyboard?


What is a musical instrument starting with K?


What musical instruments start with a K?


Who invented musical keyboard?

ya mum

What is a musical instrument that starts with ke?


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What is the meaning of musical keyboard in Tamil?


Is the musical keyboard a percussion instrument?

Yes it is

Who invented the first musical keyboard?

Greek people invented the first musical keyboard. It was called a hydraulis and dates back to the 3rd century BCE.

What has the author David Crombie written?

David. Crombie has written: 'The synthesizer & electronic keyboard handbook' -- subject(s): Electronic keyboard (Synthesizer), Electronic musical instruments, Instruction and study, Keyboard instruments, Keyboardinstruments, Musical instruments, Electronic, Synthesizer (Musical instrument)

What are three different keyboard instruments used in music?

A keyboard instrument is any musical instrument played using a musical keyboard. The most common of these is the piano.Among the earliest keyboard instruments are the pipe organ, hurdy gurdy, clavichord, and harpsichord.

How many keys on a standard musical keyboard?


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comparison of musical keyboards

How type all the musical notes on keyboard?

Some how

Who invented the musical keyboard?

James Rich the 111