How does a narcissistic husband explain his infidelity and the fact he has children with his mistress if after being caught he admitted to adultery but denies having children with his mistress?


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The narcissistic has deep unmet needs for affirmation from the outside because deep down they don't feel good about themselves. Oftentimes this causes complications in their everyay life and relationships, and like any fix it is only temporary. Denying parental responsibility is not limited to narcissists. He could be asked or in some circumstances may be required to have a genetic test to determine whether or not he is the father.


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In granting a divorce in California, judges can not use adultery or infidelity as a reason. However, they can consider the financial impact a partner who cheats on his or her spouse may have. In some cases, a judge may also consider if the adultery had an effect on the children of the marriage as well.

For the Victorian anything with a moral offense was 'decadently delicious'. So adultery, infidelity, bestiality, abuse of children, religious abominations....

Infidelity is not an issue in a California Divorce. California is a no fault state.The court does not want to hear any evidence or information about infidelity unlessCustody is an issue and a parent's infidelity in some way directly impacts the best interests of the children.

A narcissistic mother will definitely affect her male children. She will make her children extremely dependent on them even if they have their own families. The male children will always contact them whenever they want to make certain decisions.

You can prevent your child from becoming narcissistic by encouraging them to help others. You also want to stress that everyone is created equal.

Infidelity does not make a person a bad parent. It cannot be used to claim that a parent does not have the ability to love and care for their children, and a court will not take away custody of children because of it.

A true narcissist can not love anyone but themself.

If you've been exposed to narcissistic abuse in childhood, you're more likely to end up with narcissistic partners if you haven't worked through your abuse. Adult Children of Narcissists (ACONs) have a number of issues to resolve.

Yes, infidelity can transcend into the physical. Emotional infidelity (being in love with someone other than your partner) can be just as hurtful to your partner as physical infidelity, however, it is considered socially more acceptable (in evolutionary terms, this can be explained by the fact that you don't make babies just from loving someone - you have to act on it to get children involved).

Love Dating Marriage Infidelity Children

No, you can't go to jail in Ohio for adultery. Adultery is grounds for divorce and losing custody of children. It's a crime in 20 states, but I think it's virtually never prosecuted.

This varies from person to person, but in general narcissists will take praise from whoever they can, which does not make narcissistic persons bad parents per se.

There is some ambiguity in the situation you describe; lots of people have an element of narcissism in their personality, which is not the same thing as a narcissistic personality disorder. Someone with a narcissistic personality disorder should never raise children, because the children will inevitably be harmed, quite seriously. Even an impersonal and relatively uncaring institution is better than such a parent.

They are good at manipulating to get their way. They have a hard time admitting when they do something wrong.

You don't cite any specific authority you may have or any malpractice or professional misbehavior on the part of the psychologist. It is assumed that your description is an opinion. You cannot make a psychologist who you think is narcissistic stop caring for children.

By keeping them away from their grandparents as much as you can - and by providing a counter example, by serving as role models of non-narcissistic conduct.

Yes, in some adoption situations it can create areas in which children develop dissociative, narcissistic, or sociopathic traits. Outside of mental and genetic abnormalities, these traits generally develop from the child's environment.รŠ

Maybe... but not as much as they love themselves... all parents love their children..

The injuries she had from a traffic accident, which prevented her from having children. Also the infidelity of her husband Diego.

Children under 3 are admitted free into Disney World.

You are always at greater risk of losing your children than if you had stayed married. But in a lot of states marital infidelity does not factor into who becomes the primary or sole custodian of the children.

Many ACONs (Adult Children of Narcissists) have FLEAS... behaviors picked up from the NParent. With therapy and work they can be overcome.

Following a vehicular incident involving Woods in December, 2009, he admitted to infidelity, and divorced from wife Elin Nordegren on August 23, 2010. His wife received a settlement in the range of $100 million and has primary custody of the couple's two children, daughter Sam and son Charlie.

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