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Provide the child with a "no you don't know it all" situation. A challenge always makes someone see things clearer!

Set boundries, first of all. If there pre-teen or in their teens. St and be consistent with the boundries you set. Make sure they know it's for their best intrest and that you love them. Lead by example.. :o)

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A good parent is caring and wants to know how there child is getting on with life. They know how to bring up a sensible child who has good knowledge of the world and encourages their child/ren to try hard, and always do their best with everything. They do not leave there child to play inside all day, but shows them better things to do other than Television. However a good parent also knows when their child wants to be alone and does not continue to nag or talk to. When their child is upset then a good parent would know how to deal with it...

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