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Time is the best healer. For now, don't think about it by staying busy and highly involved in everything else. As soon as you have idle time, you will start to think about it and feel sorry for yourself so don't let that happen.

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Q: How does a person get over someone?
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If someone likes someone but the other person doesn't like them what should they do?

If the other person strongly dislikes the person, then they should get over it and find someone else.

What do you do if someone you love loves someone else?

Get over that person or tell it how you feel.

How do you know you are over someone when you hear a song and it reminds you of that person Am I over that person?

it probably reminds you of that person but you could be over him already, that's if you don't get sad about it.

What is the name of a person who acts as they love someone then bewillders them over and over?

A liar.

How do you get over someone you like so much?

You forgive and forget the person!And get over him/her.

What happens when you dream about someone over and over?

Nothing in particular happens when you dream about someone over and over. Your dreams reflect your own thoughts and feelings, so if you have a crush on this person or think about them often, it would be natural for this person to appear in your dreams. Dreams of someone do not mean that that person is thinking about you and they do not predict any future event.

How do you get a person you like a lot to get over someone and start liking you?

You show them how fun it can be when they are not with the person they want to get over and how much fun it is with you

How do you know if you are truly over someone?

If you're asking that question, then you're not truly over that person because you're still thinking about that person. If you stop thinking about that person, it's over.

How do you not miss someone over a period of time?

If you are with a person or the person is a loved one it is impossible to not miss them.

How do you fight for someone you love?

Go to counseling or talk it over with that person.

Does over caring or over loving a person create problems?

in a way yes and can always over love someone in your mind and heart but if that person doesnt love you as much as you do then your going to find yourself very emoitionally hurt when it over. if your over caring for someone and over loving someone by showing it your going to creep that person out but it depends on what your definition of "over" is. it might create problems in terms of creeping the person out and making them want to be not with you too much. people need their space their own time no one likes to be smuthered all the time.

What causes someone to not want to get over someone?

They could still love them, not want to move on from them (if the other person broke up with them), or maybe that person was someone unforgettable that just stains your memory whether you want them to or not. You could try to get over a person, only to find that the more you try and forget, the more you remember. If you don't *want to get over them, you have feelings for them. Plain and simple. If you *can't get over them, you also most likely have feelings for them.

What is a bootycall?

When you call a person, typically someone you know, to invite them over for sex

How do you get over a person you love?

start dating again you will find someone else and this will help u get over your x !

What is an over achiver?

An Over Achiver Is Someone That Achives More Than They Are Suppost To. An Achiever Is a person with a record of successes.

Could a person start over with someone that they had a previous relationship with?

Yes. If they are really willing to start over and work it out

Can you deposit someone else's check in your account?

You can deposit someone else's check in your account if they sign it over to you. They need to endorse it over to the person they wish to have it and sign underneath.

Someone who over exaggerates?

A person who over exaggerates is often called a drama queen. Clinically the tendency to over exaggerate is called histrionic.

How can a person become power of attorney over a person who is unable to appoint someone?

They will have to apply to the probate court. The court can grant the authority to someone to take care of the estate of the individual.

How do you use keening in a sentence?

Keening is like someone is mourning over a death. it is a sound that a person make when a person is dead.

What is a dapple person?

A dapple person is someone who likes apple and dell. But would rather choose dell over apple.

What to do to get over someone who loves someone else?

You stop thinking about them cause that isn't helping and think about other nice people that are good looking otherwise you won't get over this person So if this person starts to like you later on then you can go back to them

What is a name for?

A name is for someone to call you something. Would you want someone to call you something or say," person over there!"

Has izzy hit someone?

yes he has, in Denmark 1992 he kicked someone because the person was trying to knock over the microphone stand.

What if the person you like is thinking about it how can you encourage them to choose you over someone else?

Wait. You can only be yourself and you shouldn't have to convince someone to like you...