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He either tells you he loves you or by the way he treats you do you feel lovedmen and women show emotions in different ways a woman can verbalize and will make love to you

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Q: How does a person get their boyfriend to prove he loves you?
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How can you prove that your boyfriend loves you?

There is no way to prove love. You have to believe in the person and trust them. And also go with your basic instincts.

How do you no if your boyfriend loves you?

you'll just have to trust him <3 and if he really loves you he wont let you go and he'll prove it that he loves you

What can you tell your boyfriend to prove that he loves you?

stop worryin and juss listin to that

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he loves you much and does he mean it?

Until a persons actions prove otherwise, we can only assume that a person really means what he says.

What shoud a boyfriend do if he got with a girl and she has been writing a prison inmate for years but she loves the boyfriend?

If it bothers the boyfriend that she is writing to the inmate then he should talk to her and tell her he minds because if she truly loves the boyfriend she should not mind to do somthing that the person she loves asks her to do.

How do i know if my boyfriend really loves me and will marry?

first of all let him prove it for sure if he really do love u....

How do you prove that your boyfriend loves you?

you just gotta trust him. if he loves you theres no need for you to prove it because hes going to have to prove it to you since its his feelings. and love is love either way if youre the one trying to prove he loves you then its a sign of trust issues between the two of you. love has to have trust between the both of you for it to be able to work out. hes the only one that will have to prove it because it is his feelings. you know the loves still there if your gut tells you its there. also his body language will tell you as well. you just gotta trust your instinct.

MY boyfriend loves me why?

some of your kind or any other thing which had attracted that person if that person is good try to be with them serin!!~

I need to ask my boyfriend to do something to prove that he loves me. I do not believe when he says that. How to make him prove that he loves me Tampa?

Be true to him and see if he cares. Tell him that your ganna do something and maybe then see his response. If you know its wrong and he is OK with it. Then he doesn't matter :) Good Luck

Is Shakira cheating on her boyfriend?

no she loves her boyfriend

Why is Ex Boyfriend saying I love you?

Ex boyfriend is saying that to prove that he loves you. This is the case because he is remembering you and wants you back. If he did not want you back he would not have saved this.

How you know he loves you or not?

if he loves you he will prove it and do things he wouldnt do for no other.

How will you know your boyfriend loves you?

if your boyfriend loves you he will do anything to help you or he would do anything for you if he loves you he will stare at you and or he will hold your hand and that kind of stuff!

How do you know of your boyfriend loves you?

If you feel loved by him then he loves you.

How do get your boyfriend to admit he loves you?

If he loves you why worry about him "admitting" it.

How can tell boyfriend mine loves you?

He says he loves you

How can i get my boyfriend to verbally tell me he loves me?

ask him how much he loves you

How do you now your boyfriend loves you?

plz tell me how can you tell if he loves you?

My boyfriend unblocked me on facebook but his not talking to me but he says he still loves and wants me and loves me?

If your boyfriend loves you as he alleges, his actions should the talking. If he indeed loves you, he will check on you, call you and buy you presents.

What does it mean when your Boyfriend says all his love?

your boyfriend loves you

If your boyfriend says he'll beat up and stand up to anyone who hurts you does that mean he really loves you?

Yes this person is obviously very protective of you and that shows he loves you

Why did boyfriend proposed by text because of long distant relationship?

he probably doesnt have the money to do it person, but if he was serious he loves you

Could you ask if your boyfriend loves you?

You can ask your boyfriend if he loves but if he does not respond he probably is nerviest or he does not then he does not love you or he is dating someone alse .

Who likes and loves you?

LikesBoyfriend/GirlfriendFriendsLovesMotherBest friendsBoyfriend/GirlfriendSiblingsGrandparents

How do you know your boyfriend loves you back?

You can experience yourself when he loves back to you.