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If there eyes were normal they may change suddenly or else get an eye exam at your eye doctor.

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Q: How does a person know they have color blindness?
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How can a person inherit color blindness?

Absolutely, color blindness is a genetic trait.

How is color blindness different from night blindness?

Color blindness is when you don't know what color something is and night blindness is when you can't see well at night from the dark.

Who was the first person to be color blind?

the first person that had color blindness was Mike Lion

Who is the youngest person that has color blindness?

Helen Keller

How will you get color blindness?

You can get color blindness if your parent has a dominate trait to color blindness.

How do blind people know colors?

In color blindness

Does color blindness go away once you are older?

No, it is genetic, and whatever degree of color blindness a person has at birth, they will go to their grave with.

A person who lacks cones in the retina will experience?

color blindness

How long can a person live with color blindness?

for a long time

Why is color blindness classed as non infectious?

Although it is a disease it is not contagious. If you were in close contact with a person who had color blindness you would not catch the disease.

Who discovered color blindness?

who discovered color blindness

What is the connection between color blindness and leprosy?

Red/green color blindness may slightly increase an affected person's chances of contracting leprosy.

How does a person inherit color blindness?

by going to McDonalds, looking at ronaldMcdonald

What are the symptoms of color blindness?

Color blindness comes in varying degrees. With complete color blindness a person sees only black and white, no colors. There is also partial color blindness, which prevents a person from fully perceiving all colors, although there is some color perception. There are few practical consequences to a lack of color vision - it can be harder to tell when fruit is ripe. But then, you can still feel the fruit to see how hard it is.

How long does color blindness last?

A person is color blind their entire life. They are born with the condition.

Which colors a color blind cannot see?

There is red-green color blindness and blue-yellow color blindness. I am thinking that Christmas is confusing for a person who cannot see red and green.

What are the different types of blindness?

color blindness night blindness snow blindness

What are the different types of Blindness ?

color blindness night blindness snow blindness

Can a person be colored blind?

Color blindness is a fairly common condition with varying degrees of seriousness. Most common is a slight red/green color blindness, which most who have it barely notice (but one cannot become an airline pilot with *any* degree of color blindness). Most rare, and profound, is acute monochromatic color blindness - the person sees everything in black, white and shades of gray.

What age do you die from color blindness?

No age. Color blindness is not a terminal illness.

What are medical problems that arise from color blindness?

no problems arise from color blindness

What is the inheritance pattern of color blindness?

Color blindness is X-linked recessive.

Are all women carriers of color blindness?

No, color blindness is not linked to gender.

What body system does color blindness affect?

I dont know ask juan

Who is typically affected by monochromatic color blindness?

Everyone can be affected by monochromatic color blindness. Monochromatic color blindness is a condition where your color blind in only one eye.