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Pretty much lowers it by about 30 per cent.


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You will have to contact Browning to find out.

I have a belgium 12 gauge browning shot gun with the serial #B67119. I am trying to find out what type or size choke it has

Impossible to answer without seeing.

This is a Browning Auto-5 Lightweight 12 gauge shotgun.

your browning auto-5 light twelve gauge was made in 1960.

A lightweight 12 gauge shotgun.

We are not familiar with a model 22, but all Browning Shotguns use the invector screw in choke tubes. These are available at most Gun Shops and retailers of Browning guns. You can also find them online at the Browning Co Website

Browning Citori 12 gage over and under & a Browning Goldtrigger Light Twelve: How much are they worth?

There is no way to tell from the serial number.

A 12 gauge shotgun with changeable choke tubes that fires 3.5" shells.

You must call Browning for the answer.

They came in various barrel lengths and choke combinations. If it is not marked on the side of the barrel, you will have to pattern the shotgun to determine the choke

No.None of the browning auto-5 shotguns left the factory with a adjustable choke.This was a after market add-on.

Your serial number indicates that your Browning light weight 12 gauge was made in the year 1955.

If you are asking about a Browning Auto-5 shotgun,then it was made in the year 1923,with the serial number that you have provided.

Depending on condition, gauge, barrel length, choke; a few hundred to maybe a thousand

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