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Bacterial activity is inhibited at low temperatures. When they're cold, their chemical processes slow down, so they aren't able to reproduce and eat like they do at room temperature, so the food lasts longer.

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Q: How does a refrigerator preserve foods?
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How can you preserve foods?

you can preserve foods by putting them in the refrigerator to slow down the bacteria process.

What temperature do you keep your refrigerator at to preserve foods?

Generally you want your refrigerator to be no more than 42 degrees and no less than 38 degrees (or things will start to freeze).

How do you preserve cooked meat without refrigerator?

can it

How do you preserve cooked meat with out refrigerator?

I cant prserve cooked meat without refrigerator

Why did he want to invent the refrigerator?

so he can preserve his food!

Does water preserve foods?

On meat, salt can preserve food.

Does desiccation preserve foods?


Why do you preserve foods?

We preserve food because it helps the food last longer

How did the American Indians preserve their food?

how do amnricins preserve their foods the old days

Does an open tin can in a refrigerator damage other foods in the refrigerator?

Yes, an open can cause other foods to mold quicker than usual. The smell of whatever is in the can also seep into the whole refrigerator and other foods.

What foods do you preserve in jelly?

Mostly fruits.

How do you preserve foods with nanotechnology?

By using a fridge

Why should onions not be stored in a small refrigerator?

The smell will permeate the other foods in the refrigerator, also altering how the other foods will taste.

How do you preserve fruit?

the simpliest i know to preserve fruits or even meat and fish is put it in the refrigerator or put lots of sugar on it.

What is the function of refrigerator?

To freeze the foods and others.

What foods preserve other foods?

Sugar is used to preserve fruits as jam/jelly. Salt is used to preserve foods such as fish and meats like bacon. Vinegar is used to preserve many different foods such as onions, cabbage, beetroot etc. Other methods of preserving include drying and smoking but these are not specifically answering your question. Examples are mushrooms and meats.

What is frozen food?

Foods that are frozen to preserve freshness.

How man can preserve money and foods?

Fridges and banks.

How does canning preserve foods?

the vacuum environment in each can is the answer for it

Why was honey used in medieval Europe?

to preserve foods

How can you preserve and protect food without a refrigerator?

Food preservation without the refrigerator's help is aptly facilitated by the following:DryingFermentingPicklingCuringPreserving using Sugar or HoneyCanning

Does salt preserve food?

It does preserve food because in days when there were no freezers,salt kept foods from spoiling.

How do you store food in a refrigerator?

A refrigerator is used to store and keep food cold for only a few days. Place foods in air tight containers in refrigerator. Foods should be transfered to a freezer for prolonged storage.

Sodium chloride is hot why and do you eat?

Sodium chloride the taste of foods; also preserve foods.

What are the advantages of chilling foods?

chilling foods can help preserve them and can make them last for a longer time.