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probably not much. did you negotiate with the lender about NOT putting the repo on your CR before you PAID IN FULL???? it is entirely up to the lender what is put on your CR. One thing you might try is to dispute it with the credit reporting agency if you can't get anywhere with the lender.You may be able to get your side of it on your credit report.

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What are the current mortgage fixed rates?

The current mortgage fixed rates depend on which bank your mortgage is with and how long your mortgage is for. A Wells Fargo 30 year mortgage is 3.75%.

Where can I get information on current average mortgage rates?

You can get information on current average mortgage rates from websites like Zillow, HSH, Mortgage Calculator, Freddie Mac, Bank Rate and Mortgage News Daily.

How do you fill out release of mortgage document?

To ensure that you officially release the specific mortgage that has been paid off or satisfied, a discharge of mortgage, or "release of mortgage" will require the following informtion: Original mortgage information Original lender Date Original principal amount Recording information (County, and book/page or Document No#) Borrower's name Property Addresss The release of mortgage needs to be signed by the current mortgage holder of record. The person signing the release needs to have the discharge executed in front of a Notary Public.

Are you satified with your current trash removal service?

I am very satisfied with my transh removal service. They come on time once a week and always take everything I put out.

What are the current mortgage rates for a 30 year mortgage with a 7 year arm in Provo, UT?

The current mortgage rates for a 30 year mortgage with a 7 year arm in Provo, UT? is 5.11%. You can get the latest rates at

Can I get daily updates of the current mortgage rates?

If you sign up for a bank's newsletter, or request specific updates on mortgage information, then yes, you will be informed of current mortgage rates on a daily basis.

Where can one find the current home mortgage rates?

One can find current home mortgage rates from: Money Supermarket, Money Savings Expert, Which Mortgage Advisors, Bank Rate, Mortgage News Daily, to name a few.

Why indians are not satisfied with the current central government of india?

The Indians are not satisfied with the current central government of India because of unfair allocation of the government resources and rampant corruption.

What is the current home mortgage rate offered by the Bank of Scotland online?

Home mortgage rates change often. The current mortgage rate offered by Bank of Scotland is 18%. They also provide ways of bringing down your mortgage rate with a refinancing.

What is required to get the best refinance mortgage rates?

Getting the best refinance mortgage rates depends on a few factors. They can include the amount already owing on the current mortgage and the current financial situation of the client.

What are the dangers of a second mortgage foreclosure?

The biggest problem with second mortgage foreclosures is that you can lose your home even if you are still current on your first mortgage. The second mortgage, if defaulted on supersedes you first mortgage.

Where could one find current mortgage rates?

There are several places where one can find current mortgage rates. These include "Bank Rate", "Zillow", "Wells Fargo", "Quicken Loans", and "Mortgage News Daily".

Who gets the money to pay off first mortgage at closing?

The funds from the new mortgage are advanced to your solicitor who pays out the current first mortgage.

What does taking out a second mortgage mean?

you have two options when you need to pull out money from your property. 1.) cash-out refi- where you pay off the current mortgage and take additional cash with it. 2.) leave the current mortgage alone and taking a second mortgage out for the cash. Second mortgage all so means it is in second place behind the first mortgage

What is the current refinance mortgage rates?

If you are refinancing your mortgage for a 30 year fixed rate you can expect a rate of about 4.250% and if you are refinancing your mortgage for a 15 year fixed rate you can expect a rate of about 3.375%. Of course, this will vary with credit rating, current mortgage standing, etc.

Where can one find current mortgage rates in Edmond Oklahoma?

If you live in Edmond, Oklahoma and are looking for a new mortgage, or need to renew your existing mortgage, you can find current rates at a number of sites. Some examples include Zillow, Financial Concepts Mortgage and Homes.

Who founded Vanderbilt Mortgage and who is the current CEO?

"The Vanderbilt Mortgage company was founded by Jim Clayton. It's current CEO IS Kevin Clayton, the founder's son."

Where can a person get current mortgage rates?

One can get mortgage rates by contacting a mortgage company, such as a banking institution. An example would be by visiting Bank of America and talking to a mortgage expert.

Where can one find the current mortgage rates from Bank of America?

One can find the current mortgage rates from Bank of America on the official Bank of America website. Currently their rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage is 3.625%.

Will a mortgage calculator help you determine your mortgage payment?

A mortgage calculator will definitely help you determine your mortgage payment. The calculator will help you decide what mortgage is right for you by allowing you to see what types are out there and the current interest rate.

Where can you get a mortgage refinance offer online?

Check your current mortgage company or the state you live in website for information

Is it possible to have your mortgage loan modified if one is current on mortgage payments?

Yes, although mortgage companies are more likely to modify a loan in default.

What is the classification of mortgage in accounting?

non current liability

Where can one find current HSBC mortgage rates?

There is an option in HSBC site to check their current mortgage rates. The information needed from the user is the state where the property is located.

Why people of uttar pradesh is not satisfied with the current state government explain?

The people of Uttar Pradesh are not satisfied with the current state of government because of the rampant corruption that has led to a high cost of living.