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NEVER let the new love of your life sleep over (even if he's on the couch.) Go to his place or a motel/hotel. Spend one day out of the weekend with him, your child and yourself (doing fun things together) and give it a good 6 - 8 months to be sure your child and this man bond in some way (comfortable with each other.) In that time frame you will know if he can handle a child or not or if he's just trying to make a good impression on you. In this modern world especially some men can be stand-offish with children only because there is so much child molestation going on, so don't take that as a point against him if he doesn't cuddle, hug or let your child sit on his lap. That will come in time. Introduce this guy to family and friends and get their feed-back. Remember, if he doesn't have children it will take some getting use too. If he's been with a girlfriend or wife and had children and he's not spending quality time with his children or paying child support then kick this guy to the curb. Good luck

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