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How does a speaker and a microphone work in opposite ways?

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A microphone converts sound into electrical impulses. A speaker converts electrical impulses into sound. Because they both work on the same principle, a changing electrical field (the audio signal) in a coil causes a magnet within the coil to vibrate in tandem. The magnet is attached usually to a paper cone which allow our ears to hear the sound. The converse is also true. For example if you talk into a headphone it causes the magnet to vibrate which produces an electrical signal in the coil which is connected to the headphone cable.

Ram did this : ok micro phones convert mechanical energy which is te air from your mouth to mechanical ugh ohhhhhhh cccrapp 8=======D---

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What does a microphone and speaker have in common?

they both need your voice to work

How do magnets work in cell phones?

as a speaker to hear call & microphone also.

Are both of the speakers supposed to work when you listen to music on your iPhone 4S?

No one's the speaker and the other is a microphone

How does a wireless microphone connect to a sound system and through what connections?

Depending on the sound system and microphone there has to be a few things if there is a USB slot (Google it if you dont know what that is) on the system and your microphone has a USB drive then it will work I have heard of other ways though

How do you work the microphone on the iPad 1?

Open a recording app. The microphone will automatically enabled.

Does a microphone work with out a amp?

No, really not.

Will a microphone from another game work on rock band?

As long as it is USB, any microphone should work with Rock Band. In fact, the Xbox Live headset even works as a microphone for this game.

What two muscles keep the work in opposite ways to make the arm move?

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How does a computer microphone work?

A computer microphone is an input device which you can talk through to communicate with others.

How do you use star power on the microphone in band here?

how does the microphone on the wii guitar hero work

How does the computer microphone work?

The microphone accepts the our sound signal and input it to the computer. the sound is transfered through communication this way the microphone works.

Does the wii microphone work on computer?

No it doesn't

How do you make headset and microphone to work?

there wireless

How do you get the microphone on a Dell Inspiron 1521 to work?

Download the drivers for it from or from a disc, if one came with the microphone.

What is the advantage of using microphone headsets?

Microphone headsets are great for talking while getting other work done. They also work great for dictation.

How does a portable vocal booth work?

It is a light-weight device that connects to the microphone or microphone stand. It is used to shield the microphone from any ambient noises in the surroundings.

How do you get the microphone to work on Skype?

Be smarter than the microphone. You click on the microphone button at the top left corner and it should be on. But it depends if you are using a laptop or desktop computer. If you are using a desktop computer there is no microphone. But if using a laptop, click on the microphone button on the top left corner. Then the microphone should turn on.

Can you use any USB microphone with Rock Band for XBOX 360?

Just about any Logitech USB Microphone will work! Even an Xbox360 Headset will work.

Why doesn't my microphone work?

Make sure it is plugged into the correct jack (if an analog microphone) and that it is not muted in the Volume control.

Why won't the microphone work with movie maker?

Make sure your microphone is connected properly and working right. Sometimes loose connections will prevent you from using the microphone to record.

How does a speaker polarity work?

a speaker polarity is sub mainframe of the ................................

On what scientific principle does a microphone work?

Lenz's law.

How do microphones in a home work?

It is often your TV that has the microphone.

Why does my xbox360 microphone Don't work?

its probably broken.

Can a galaxy ace microphone work for a galaxy 2?