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How does a starfish eat?

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December 23, 2017 11:47AM

Starfish or sea stars are able to turn their stomachs inside out, the extended stomach hangs outside and engulfs food, partially digesting it. Thus it can feed on food larger than its mouth could handle.

Eventually, it and the food it is working on, is sucked or pulled back inside their body. The partially digested food then is passed along to a second stomach that completes the digestive process. They can also use their tube feet to open shells of calms and etc........

Starfish will spit out their stomach and wrap it round the food, eventually the stomach will be brought back in and will be passed onto a second stomach which will digest the food. If the stomach is already out of the starfish's body, and the food is bad or does not want to be eaten, they will spit the stomach out completely and grow a new one.

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The mouth and stomach of the starfish face towards the surface it's resting on. When the starfish finds a prey, it actually pushes its stomach outside of its mouth and the stomach eats the prey whole. Then it swallows its stomach.
Starfishes open there stomach inside out to suck in there predators and eat them.
their stomach which they turn inside out over their food
Starfish eat mollusks. When they find their dinner, they use their arms to break open the shell. After that, they extrude their stomachs out of their body and swallow the shellfish whole.
Starfish eat their food by turning there stomachs inside out and leaving the food there until digested.