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there is many different toilet tanks that use different fill valves but the concept is the same EXCEPT for pressure assist or (mostly in commercial buildings) flush valves which do not have toilet tanks. When water flows into the tank threw the open valve it begins to fill up the tank and while the tank is filling it is also raising the float which is connect to the valve and when the float raises to a set height it shuts of the fill valve by pressure from the float arm. Pressure assist toilets have pressure tanks inside the toilet tank and uses the pressure from the supply line to flush the bowl, I think they are the best toilets to buy if you don't mind the noise and if you have good water.

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Where do you put water in the toilet to fill?

You don't, it should com up the pipe joined to tank.

Why does the toilet bowl not fill up all the way after a flush?

Inside the toilet tank there should be a small hose off of the fill valve that should be clipped to the inside of the fill tube to allow water to fill the bowl while it refills the tank after flushing.

How can you fix a toilet that runs after flushing and will fill up with too much water in the back of the toilet?

Your float or other apparatus in the tank is not measuring the amount of water that is coming into the tank properly. It needs to be adjusted.

Why does your toilet take so long to fill after a flush?

The toilet may take so long to fill after you flush because the water pressure is so low. Generally, the water should fill up the tank in less than a minute.

What to do if your toilet won't fill up with enough water in the toilet bowl?

look inside your tank and see that the toilet bowl fill tube is connected and flowing with water when flushed. the fill tube is a 1/4-3/8" tube that is connected to the fill valve to the overflow and it should be spraying water down the overflow when the fill valve is filling. or Call a plumber

Why does the toilet tank stay empty and not fill up with water?

Do you watch it not get filled up? There is a little hose inside the tank that helps fill the toilet when the tank is filling. It may be detached from the vertica pipe. < --- this answer is for the bowl not filling up after you flush the toilet There can be many reasons why the tank will not fill up and one of them can be because your chain that pulls the rubber flapper up to flush is either caught on something or the rubber flapper can be pulled to high and will not fall back down to close. Another is if you have a plastic cone flapper then the flush handle bar that slips into the plastic cone sleeve can be wedged against the toilet tank. another reason can be because your fill valve is clogged or the water is shut off.

Water doesn't come on when toilet is flushed but jiggle the handle and it fills up?

Look in the tank and see if the rod on the handle is interfering with the fill valve.

Why does toilet bowl water fill up with milky color but tank is clear water?

Because the water is see through and a toilet bowl colour is white/milky and a tank is also see through so the water is see through. Thhe water colour appearance is due to the colour influence of the container it's in.

Why does the toilet bowl not fill up with water?

the toilet bowl will fill the bowl to a specific level to allow the trap to work properly and once the tank is done filling then you should have no water running into the bowl. To test and see if your tank is leaking into your bowl just put a few drops of food coloring in your filled tank and if you see the color in your bowl then you most likely have a leaky flapper or flush valve or can be your height of your tank water is to high and its running through the overflow or the fill valve is syphoning.

Why won't my toilet tank fill up after i replace wax seal?

Not getting water or water is just running through the tank? You shut off the water, probably right below the toilet. The washer in that valve may have come apart and is blocking the line. The fill valve in the tank may need a new diaphragm. Check to see if there is water getting through the shut off valve and follow it to the toilet.If water is getting to the tank and running through, make sure the flapper is sealing the drain. Perhaps the chain became tangled in moving the toilet and it's not letting the flapper close all the way.

Why won't the back of the toilet fill up after flushing?

The toilet tank does not fill up after flushing because your float valve is either bad or set wrong. You need to try to change the setting. If that does not work, you need to replace it.

What do you do when you get a fish but have not filled the tank with water?

I would fill up th bathtub real quick and then put the fish in it and I would hurry up and fill he tank up with water then put the fish and stuff in it

What causes toilet tank to stop filling up with water?

The fill valve (ball valve UK) is siezed or clogged. As the water level rises, the float-ball rises and closes the valve when the water reaches the proper level.

Why water comes up from floor when plunging toilet?

The wax ring which seals the toilet to the drain is leaking. turn off water, drain tank by flushing. Disconnect water line. remove tank, unbolt toilet from floor. Remove any old wax from toilet and drain. Replace with new wax ring. Reset toilet and press firmly into place.

How do you prepare a 5th wheel for camping?

Your question is not quite clear. Are you asking, How do you set it up or how do you stock it? To set it up it all depends on if you have full hookup at the camp site, water, electric, sewer. If none is available then you need to fill your water tank with water, put chemical in you holding tank through the toilet. Set up a generator for power. Take propane for the stove. Then all you need is food, clothing, dishes, toilet paper. flashlight, and bedding.

When doing laundry your tub and toliet fill up with black water what can cause this?

If your tub and toilet fill up with black water when you do your laundry, you have a blockage in your sewer pipe. Someone needs to remove the blockage.

How do you increase the water level in your toilet bowl when the tank level is full?

does the water level of a sink goes up or down after I submerge a bowl does the water level of a sink goes up or down after I submerge a bowl what controls the water level in a toilet

Once you flush toilet water don't fill up?

It sounds like you are ready for a flush valve replacement.

How can you fix a toilet that runs after flushing and will not fill up with enough water in the back of the toilet?

Depending on what kind of toilet you have it might just need a new rubber flapper seal or if you have a plastic cone flapper then you might have to order a new one in any case before you go to the hardware store right down (if possible) the make of the toilet and the model it should be located inside the tank wall or between the seat and tank of the bowl. Or go and get a plumber

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