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all university police officers are employed be their state. university police have the same power as a state trooper. they can pull you over anywhere in the state they preside in.Answer

I'm a university police officer. I went to the same academy as my municipal counterparts. I enforce the same laws and in some cases make more money. I patrol a 3 square mile area and have statewide jurisdiction. The majority of my patrol area is off campus in the neighborhood surrounding the campus.

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Q: How does a university police officer compare to other police officers?
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Are auxiliary police officers officer of the court?

No. Auxiliary police officers are not officers of the court.

What is the plural form for police officer?

Police Officers

What is a Scottish term for a police officer?

Police officers or the Polis.

What is police presences?

A police officer or officers on duty in a particular location.

What are some adjectives that describe a police officer and begin with the letters S and W?

Police officers are serious. Police officers are skillful.

How many years of university do you have to go through to be a police officer?

you dont have to go to university to be a police officer

Can you sue a state police officer?

Yes, if the officer has committed a tort. Police officers are not exempt from civil prosecution.

How do you become a SWAT officer?

SWAT officers first take police officer training, and then are specially trained as tactical officers.

What are police officers duties?

the police officer save and help people in danger.

Are cops really a police officer?

Yes. Cops really are police officers.

Can a police officer be charged with anything?

Police officers must obey the same laws that you do. Police officers are arrested all the time around the world.

How much do Canadian police officers make?

a police officer makes 40,000 a year

Do you have to be a police officer to be a detective?

no The above answer is not complete. In most police departments you do have to be a patrol officer prior to becoming a detective. Private detectives are not police officers.

What the future outlook for a police officer?

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What should you do if a police officer lies on a report for an auto accident?

Police officers never lie.

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Police officer where would it be based?

There are police officers in almost every city and county of the world.

How often police officer works?

police officers work almost everyday but; it depends on how there schedule is

In the USA you can address a police officer as 'Sir' 'Ma'am' or 'Officer' when you are talking to them so how do you address a French Police Officer when conversing with them?

"monsieur l'agent / monsieur" (for a male police officer, or "madame" for a female police officer, are the common ways to address police officers in French.

Who was the police officer that arrested Rosa Parks?

Officers Day and Mixon

What will happen to a police officer if he lies about being a police officer?

If you are referring to "undercover" officers, plainclothes detectives, or "tactical old clothes" officers, they are not lying to anyone because they are not under oath to tell the truth.

Do you have to be a normal police officer before you can be a police dog handler?

K9 officers are generally POST-certified police officers. You may want to check within your own state though, as the specifics may vary. Now, to be a police K9 trainer, it is usually not a requirement to be a police officer.

Do you need to be a police officer before becoming a police detective?

Yes, all police detectives start out as officers. The detective position is a promotion that an officer works towards.

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How much do you get paid being police officer?

police officers get paid anything from 19k to 55k a year. (:

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