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How does a wife know that she and her children are being emotionally abused?

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To simplify this it's when a person totally controls the wife and children and has no rhyme or reason for any decisions they may make. Here are some clues to emotional abuse regarding wives and children: Not giving the wife any control of the finances. Not allowing her to have a car. Not allowing her to go out with friends. Not giving her freedom of her own personal opinions and if she gives one the abuser will tell them to shut-up or they don't know what they are talking about. Controlly her like a child as to what she would like to buy for herself and the home (within reason.) Verbally abusing the wife in front of friends or the children. Calling the wife names such as "stupid", "fat", "a cow" or she isn't a good mother (they do this on purpose because it's the one thing that really hurts most mothers) or she never can cook a decent meal (when there is absolutely nothing wrong with the meal.) I have a girlfriend whose husband will literally take the dinner plate and turn it upside down if he doesn't like the meal on that particular night. I was shocked she actually took this abuse because if my husband did that he'd be wearing the plate and whatever was on that plate! Easier said than done, well my first husband was verbally/physically abusive and I never took one thing he had to dish out to me. He was cruel and miserable and nothing pleased him. One day I hit him in the face with a plate of spaghetti because he had said some very cruel and upsetting things about my brother (I thought my brother was dead) and when my husband said "it was joke" I flipped out. There he sat with spaghetti hanging off his face and the best he could offer up was "You clean this trailer up!" We were living in a construction camp at the time. I told him I'd be happy to clean up the trailer, so I went out and got the garden hose and proceeded to go right through the trailer and I nailed his hide while I was at it. NEVER again did he ever joke with me that way again, but he did continue to cheat. As far as children the verbal abuser can be that he's mean to the bone with them verbally by saying hurtful things or making remarks to them about what a miserable mother you are to not allowing the children to go out with friends, go to special events and loves the total control of making not only the children miserable, but the wife as well. Calling the children names, taking their self-confidence away from them and giving the children the distinct impression they are stupid and useless. If this is happening to you then you need to know the law and the fact that YOU own half of everything he has! See a lawyer on the QT. So, you won't be destitute if you should want to take the children and leave him. If you are thinking of staying with such a person for the sake of the children don't!!!! It solves nothing and it can cause future psychological problems for you and your children. If he is not abusive then stand your ground when the children are not home (if they are young have a relative look after your children for the night) and stand your ground with this bully! Tell him how it's going to be and if they don't like it that's the end of the relationship. The court of law generally would rather the children stay with the mother and will also decide if your husband is suitable enough as a father to have partial custody. If the children don't want to see their father the court of law will take this into consideration as well. Good luck!

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How do you know if you are being emotionally abused?

If you are feeling bad about the way you are treated or spoken to - and your pleas to stop this kind of behavior went unheeded - then you are being emotionally (verbally, psychologically) abused.

What do i do if i am being emotionally verbally and now physically abused?

Get help immediately, because no one should go through all that.

A professionals opinion on long term effect or physically abused children?

because i was a physically abused and emotionally abused child i was wanting to know the long term effect of it! i was hit in the head with objects, beaten! If anyone knows i would like to hear! thanks!

How many children have been abused in the last year?

i am do a report on abused children and i want to know how many children have been abused in the last year.

Im a 19 year old female my Birth mother abused me Emotionally and I want to know if I can look for a new mom to replace her that will love me and give me what i truly need from a Mom?

If your mum abused you emotionally, I think the proper thing to do is to talk to her. Let her know how hurtful her action is.

How can you know if you are being emotionally abused or too sensitive?

People who are abused don't like to think they are. If you are asking this question, then you need to find professional help to sort out what is going on in your life and to get a more objective view of the situation. It's one of those things... If you are asking, then it's probably true.

Why are children getting abused?

I think they are getting abused because there parents dont know how to be a parent and if they doabuse their child there stupid!!!!

Why are children abused by people they know?

No one is sure why children are abused by people they know. There are tons of possabilities the ones most likely is 1.The abuser had a bad child hood/was abused 2. The abuser thinks it is right (it isnt) 3. The abuser hates the child If you know some one who is abused, help them.You could even phone the police or child line

How many children were abused in PA?

i don't know but in a year it is about 1 million

What is the punishment for committing emotional abuse?

Law wise I dont know if there is a punishment but I do know that when some one is being emotionally abused they suffer from low self esteem, feeling unworthy and like they dont matter. It leads to many psychological issues as well.

How many children are sexually abused each year?

With a lot of abuse never being reported, I fear we will never know the answer.Just one abuse is one too many.

How do you know if your parents are emotionally abusing you?

You know your being emotionally abused if your parents are;Putting you down. Dont care about your feelings. Curse at you, Tell you, your a worthless piece of sh*t. and if you constantly cry because of what they are saying to you. Hope this helped you, and good luck to your troubles! And please get help if your being emotionally abused.... <3 Edit:: Emotional abuse can be related to a lot of things It can be a constant need for you to do something for them, with little or no satisfaction. It may seem that whatever you do is not enough. Other times, They yell. They call you bad words and make you cry out of spite. Sometimes because they abuse you, doesn't mean they don't care. Sometimes it means they just don't know how else to react, or they want to make sure you know the full implication of what happened. I hope I helped :3

How do know if your abused?

If you have to ask if you are abused then you are not.

What happens to animals if they are abused?

They became scared or aggressive .But most will be normal if taken from there and put with a living family . If you know an animals being abused report it!!

Do abused children get good grades?

No they will focus more on running away then school why do u want to know

How do you know if you're emotionally attached?

If the thought of being without it hurts, and you care if it is misusde or hurt.

How do you know if you are being verbally abused?

If you are being sworn at, called names and things you aren't comfortable than that is verbal abuse.

Can abused children do well in school. where can more info be gotten. I know abused children tend to do worse but no info on if they can do well and what the odds of this is?

While unabused kids do well in school most emotionally abused people do not, what happens is when there insulted by someone they trusted "parents' and they keep putting them down and drowning all there self esteem it triggers something in there brain tissue and makes there stress hormones of the roof and causing the child to not be able to concentrate and also causes the child to grow slower and there brain to take things in slower.

Did Joe Jackson abuse all his children?

I don't know I think he abused all the boys but mainly Michael

Can Women stay in an abusive relationship and not know or deny their kids are being abused?

Yes there have been lots of documented cases where women would deny or choose to be ignorant (knowing something is wrong but choosing not to find out) of a situation where the children are being abused. In the last case i read about this type of behavior, the mother got herself a night job while the father and grand-father abused the daughter. She knew about the abuse but decided to ignore it.

Why do children give trouble?

If they weren't raised right, they don't know any better. that's why if kids get abused, they wont know right from wrong.

What to do if your girlfriend id being abused by her dad?

Speak anonymously to your school counselor or nurse. They will know what to do, and can keep you out of it.

How do you know you are being mentally abused?

a family member tells you there is something wrong with you and you aren't good enough

What kinds of areas are heavy Child Abuse sources?

children are mainly abused by someone they know -Haylie Mae Dakota-

Why don't abused children run away?

Quite often abused children don't run away because they genuinely don't realise they're being abused. Whether it's physical or sexual abuse if it's all the child has known then they would believe it's normal behaviour. They may not like what's happening, and in most cases wouldn't, but live with it because they know no better. Fear could be another factor. If a child is being abused by a male member for example, and the person tells the child if they do anything or say anything horrible things are going to happen to either themselves, their loved ones or both.