How does a wind mill works?


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it spins to generate power for the houses

(and for golf)


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The wind electricity work because of the wind mill, wind mill makes wind energy.

buy a model wind mill kit

Anything that has to work by physical action. An example is a wind mill pump which works by pumping out water from the ground when the mill is rotated by the force of air on it.

High winds are the ideal condition for a wind mill.

the purpose of drive shaft is to assist in the generation of electric power in the wind mill

The basic principle behind the wind mill is that the wind as an external force changes the static force to a kinetic force(from rest to motion).This kinetic energy rotates the wind mill blades which produces electricity.

Some who works in a mill

Some times to much wind is entered into the wind mill so the wind mill might not be able to produce much or any energy.

Someone who works in a saw mill.

thw wind works by god blows the wind thw wind works by god blows the wind

because you need a wind mill to attach it to it. and you don't have the wind mill in your items.

the wind turns the wind mill generating wind power

There is a turbine in the wind mill. When the wind turns the blades on the wind mill, the generator inside cranks backwards createing power. The way it does this is that it turns a copper wire inside. One mill can create enough power for -currently- 90 homes. If there is alot of wind in that area that year.

Wind mills have traditionally been used to power grain mills, saw mills, and small manufacturing mills. A wind mill can also be used as a wind turbine, to generate electricity.

build a mill then conect the dots build a mill then conect the dots

wind mill pollanisation wind power plants

Okay so your in the Snow temple and that wind mill thingy is stuck?... Okay so to the left of the wind mill should be a room with a fire post thing draw a line from the fire post to the wind mil.... Hoped i helped

if you are talking about the hover craft on astroknights it is in the top of the wind mill tower. spin the blades on the wind mill and the top will open up so you can get it

Nothing. There is no atmosphere on the moon, which means no wind.

you get the manure ( right when you enter the place where the wind mill is), then you enter the wind mill go to the top pull a string, exit the wind mill jump on the propelers until you see the top open then you enter you will see it go to items click the manure then it will work

after you get the wind mill to spin counter clockwise the thing on the top of the building with open try to get it to open all the way you can, then enter it.

The blades of a wind power generator catch the windThe wings if an old fashioned wind mill catch the wind

wind mill or wind turbines,Hot air balloon,ship or a boat,

A large wind mill generates more energy compared to the smaller sized wind mill as it can capture more wind energy i.e.its Plant load factor/Capacity factor is higher.

I have a wind mill module. My name is cw11cw. Add me if you want. Can you help me with the Millstone hurling module? Plz!!

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