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How does a woman's weight change during the menstrual cycle?

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You can get bloated during your cycle which can add a few pounds.

2006-07-31 16:28:17
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Q: How does a woman's weight change during the menstrual cycle?
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Can one women start her period because others synchronized?

When you menstruate is determined by your menstrual cycle, a hormonal domino affect between your brain and reproductive organs. The idea that womens menstrual cycle synchronize is a myth, one womans menstrual cycle cannot change another womans menstrual cycles.

Where does the menstrual blood exit?

a womans vaginal area.

Can a womans ovulation day change during her lifetime?

hon it can change every cycle

What day of the menstrual cycle is the woman having a menstrual period?

The first day of a womans menstrual cycle is also the first day of menstruation.

Does a womans menstrual cycle start the first day of bleeding?

Yes, a womans cycle is calculated from the first day of her period

What begins on the first day of a womens last menstrual period?

The first day of a womans menstrual period is just that - the first day of menstruation.

Briefly outline the steps in a womans menstrual cycle?

During a woman's menstrual cycle, she will begin to ovulate. During ovulation, the ovary releases an egg. If the egg is not fertilized, it will continue to make its way down into the uterus. The uterus will begin to shed its lining since it is not needed. The lining of the uterus and the egg will be expelled from the vagina. This step of the menstrual cycle is what is refered to as the period.

Can sucking on a lemon stop your menstrual cycle?

Menstuation, no, ovulation, yes...poor womans birth control

When does a woman start her menstrual cycle?

The first menstrual cycle is marked by the womans for menstrual phase or period, this is known as menarche. Menarche on average occurs at the age of 13, but anything from 10-16 years old is normal.

Can women have surgery during menstrual cycle?

The term menstrual cycle refers to the entire reproductive cycle from the start of a womans period up until her next period. Thus with exceptions such as pregnancy, using hormonal birth control, not having the anatomy to menstruate, then a woman is always in her menstrual cycle. I believe you mean the menstrual phase or her period, yes a woman can have surgery on her period.

Can you drink a womans menstrual blood?

No, you can't drink a womans menstrual blood.Firstly there is risk of infection - menstrual flow isn't dirty but is bacteria rich so could cause illness, and menstrual blood like any other blood or vaginal fluid may contain STD's such as HIV. Secondly humans cannot drink blood, he can't process the iron in blood so it can be highly toxic to us.

How did womens lives change during the world war 1?

because the womans live at the church since world war .,.,

What does regulate mean when your on your period?

Regulate refers to having a regular menstrual cycle and regular menstrual flow. Irregular cycles can occur for a number of reasons, including a result of hormonal imbalance during a young womans teens years. Over time hormones balance out and the cycles regulate.

Which of the following changes takes place during the third trimester of a woman's pregnancy?

Final weight gain

Why is a womans voice so high pitched during sex?

because during puberty a lump named adams apple occurs which results in the change of voice

Why does a womans breasts get larger during puberty?

Womans breast develope during puberty they grow bigger. because There hormones are starting to kick in.

What does virgina smell like?

Vagina's smell musky but clean and will change slightly in scent throughout a womans menstrual cycle, when aroused, and some foods can also change vaginal scent. The vagina will only smell bad if there is a vaginal infection or the woman needs to bathe.

When does an egg get released in a womans body?

during ovulation

Could ma breasts grow bigger even f m NT pregnant?

Breasts change in size and shape throughout a womans life. Either from weight gain, or pregnancy or hormones. A womans breast usually stop growing by time she turns 21.

What is ovulation bleeding?

Blood that is passed during a womans period

Does menstruation stops during pregnancy?

It is more common for a womans menstrual cycle to cease when she becomes pregnant, however many women do continue to have a period throughout thier prenancies. Goes both ways, depends on ths individual little lady

Does height or weight determine a womans vagina size?

It does not determine a woman's vagina size.

Can a man change his body part to womans body part?


Do womans voices change?

Yes, just like boys, but not as low.

When do womens breast stop growing?

For the most part breasts can continue to grow throughout a womans life. Most development occurs during the teens as a girl goes through puberty, and then into their twenties as fat distribution changes. Even as an adult weight changes, hormonal changes, and pregnancy can change breast size.