How does a woman become a Jew if she was not born a Jew?


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She can convert through a process of study of the religion. The conversion process differs from rabbi to rabbi, and it is currently a topic of much debate in Israel over which conversions are acceptable.

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It can be either. According to the laws of Judaism, a person born to a Jewish woman is a Jew. Alternatively, a person can become a Jew through valid conversion. However, a person who is a Jew, can convert to another religion and is seen as being cut off from the Jewish Nation. This person would technically be a Jew, however, they would not be Jewish.

Jewish law specifies that a Jew is a person who was born to a Jewish woman or who has converted to Judaism as per Jewish law.

A person who is born to a Jewish woman or who halachicly (following Jewish law) converts to Judaism is a Jew.

According to Jewish law, a person who is born to a Jewish woman or who halachicly (following Jewish law) converts to Judaism is a Jew. The Reform movement considers children who are born to a Jewish man and non-Jewish woman, who are raised as Jews, to be Jews.

According to Jewish law, a person who is born to a Jewish woman or who converts according to Jewish law, is a Jew. If your father is Jewish but your mother is not, Jewish law does not consider you to be a Jew unless you convert. The reform movement accepts children born to a Jewish man and non-Jewish woman as Jews if they are raised as Jews.

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In order for a person to be a Jew they have to either be born to a Jewish woman or convert to Judaism following halacha (Jewish law).

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